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  1. BurgerTiime

    Drivers head bashed in with a brick over mistaken ride request

    Full story: https://nypost.com/2018/10/25/uber-driver-says-he-was-attacked-by-passenger-who-accidentally-ordered-carpool/amp/ A Uber driver was bashed in the head with a brick when an irate passenger went on a rampage because he ordered an Uber Pool by mistake. Driver Joseph Gonzalez picked...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Man thought stranger’s car was his Lyft; now he’s hospitalized with brain injury

    http://www.newschannel10.com/2018/09/29/man-thought-strangers-car-was-his-lyft-now-hes-hospitalized-with-brain-injury/ She’s concerned about the quality of life her husband will have after he leaves the hospital RNN) - Christopher Matthews has been in an Oakland, CA, hospital for nearly three...
  3. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Friday night hot spots for Uber/LYft

    Hello Community, Please advise on some Friday night Hot Spots to pick up Uber/Lyft requests in Toronto or GTA? So by nights, I mean from 8 pm to 2 am.
  4. BurgerTiime

    YouTuber Ice Poseidon can't order an Uber if his life dependent on it

    Fast forward to 1:02:32 mark. First he gets wrong driver and...oh gee just watch...Live Streamed April 23rd 2018 ! This is current. Wait for this post to be archived by his crew. I will update link soon. Warning language! This is what you poor drivers have to deal with on a daily basis. Not...
  5. U

    Got sent to back of airport queue/line

    I was waiting for almost two hours at dulles airport and I kept getting the “Short trip: we’ll reserve your spot for 12 hours” requests so I said no thanks. I got this 3 times in a row, my guess is the other drivers passed on it too. Anyways, after the third time I rejected the 3 short trips I...
  6. ali salem

    In DC today very Lord Quest almost I get nothing for 2 hours

    There's not much request in DC today
  7. A

    Pax asked if I wanted a long trip??

    So I pick up a pax and he’s going 3 miles. He ask if I wanted a long trip. I said “what? You’re going to change your destination?” He says oh no, I was going to Mcdonald’s and then to Home Depot. Wtf is wrong with people? Oh and lyft keeps adding second passengers after I press the...
  8. Maven

    Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Vermont Pickups

    Anybody based in Buffalo or Upstate-NY driving in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Vermont have you gotten any pings (requests) from outside Upstate-NY? If so, what state and town/city? With Uber, Lyft, or both? Dropoff point does not matter. However, being online without getting a ping does not...
  9. Maven

    Able to Pickup in Vermont or Massachusetts?

    Any Albany or Upstate-NY driver who has been in either Vermont or Massachusetts get a ping there? If so, which town was the pickup point? Which state and town? Uber, Lyft, or both? It does not count if you are online, but do not get a ping/request from another state. :( To pickup in...
  10. tdoes

    Pool request Hell

    What's up with all the Pool request today! Does Uber have some sort of Pool promotion going on now? Been getting around 90% Pool request! :( I haven't accepted any of them but it's wasting my time. Anybody know what might be going on?
  11. CanadianUberMan

    Is it against Uber Eat's policy to request myself?

    I forgot my wallet at home today and want to eat at lunch time. I have my phone so I thought I should request Uber Eats. Then I thought to save a few bucks and request myself and accept and end the ride after picking up my food. I know you can't request yourself on Uber X but is it the same...
  12. jewelthief

    Accepting UberEats requests using bluetooth?

    Hello, Every time there is a delivery request, I have to reach out to my phone on the car phone holder and tap that request. Sometimes I feel that it is unsafe as I want to minimalize my attention off the road. The thing I want to know is whether Uber request can be accepted through a...
  13. E

    Incentives, Bonuses, etc. Did I screw myself over?

    Less than a year ago, I loved driving during the incentives Uber offered, which were hourly guarantees. It went over well the first couple times, but afterwards, I became furious when I didn't get my incentive payment. Uber claimed I didn't accept enough rides (but from my stands I'd accepted...
  14. A

    Uber Driver NEEDED for this Saturday morning

    I am a Uconn student and I need an uber driver for this saturday morning to take me to hartford station. It would be about 6 AM but uber estimates the cost to be $40. Thanks in advance.
  15. McFierce

    Request to add Modesto, CA

    I live in Turlock, CA but the nearest Uber city is Modesto, CA. Thank you
  16. RedoBeach

    Self Driving Cars, Not 10 Years, (Edited: THIS Month) 6 MONTHS!!!

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/techcrunch.com/2016/08/18/ubers-first-self-driving-cars-will-start-picking-up-passengers-this-month/amp/?client=safari It turns out Uber has been making very rapid progress on its plan to replace its one million-plus drivers with computers. Bad news if you’re an...
  17. Mike.D

    Help with lax pickups!!

    Please help! I haven't received an LAX terminal request in months and I'm in the staging lot approx 7-10 times a week. I get in queue wait the time and only get request at surrounding area (hotels and etc) I haven't picked up at terminals for months now. I've done all the usual resets, bluetooth...
  18. M

    Lyft App Not Beeping When Getting A Ride Request

    I have seen several people complain about this, and so have I - to Lyft, but without any solution. I have found that when I turn on my phone - a HTC desire 626 from AT&T - and start the Lyft app, I does seem to have the beeping sound when the FIRST ride request comes in. However, most of the...
  19. eman1122

    Would You Like to Take a Survey?

    Just to satisfy my curiosity (and quite possibly yours as well). Now for those that answer that you are busier than before, state whether or not you are currently driving under the 20% or the 25% commission rate. Have fun. Also this is just for the LA/OC drivers in general.