1. Roadster4

    Lyft promoting Trump

    I received this text message from Lyft yesterday evening: “Please vote Roy Moore on 12/12 to help drain the swamp! Put a Trump supporter in Senate. Put the false accusations into trash can. MAGA!”
  2. Maven

    Administration in Crisis

    Russia is a Loser Issue Libs should shut up about Russia, immediately and permanently. Even in the unlikely event that they get their dream, it will turn into a nightmare. Libs believe that the Russia issue will help Democrats retake Congress. All available evidence says the opposite...
  3. Maven

    Death Spiral: Obamacare

    Trump is Correct! Obamacare will fail if something is not done soon. There are major problems that need to be fixed. Even liberal Democrats agree, but they point to the fact that there have been no attempts to fix the major problems since the original ACA was passed. Maybe we can get Congress to...
  4. Maven

    Bye, bye Privacy

    Concerned about vanishing Privacy? It's disappearing faster than ever before. Senate Republicans voted today to kill federal privacy rules The vote paves the way for a big win for the country’s telecom giants. Recode's Tony Romm Mar 23, 2017, 2:59pm EDT Republicans in Congress took the first...
  5. Maven

    10 Million People Lose Health Insurance

    26 million uninsured gained health insurance under Obamacare. Between 6 million and 10 million people would lose health insurance coverage if a Republican proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act becomes law, a new report estimates. Many more, receiving subsidies, would see their health...
  6. Cielovegas

    House conservatives want Trump to undo regulations on climate, FDA, Uber

    Wages. Republicans advise several measures for allowing lower wages, including waiving the Davis-Bacon Act, ending the Obama administration’s overtime rule (currently tied up in court), and ending tougher classification of contractors in part because it “disproportionately hurts independent...