1. BneDriver

    Sick people making false reports!

    I've been working as Uber driver for more than one year, and this is my only full-time job at the moment. My uber account has 9.5 rating with very positive comments. Recently I started getting very bad reports!! Reports like: And that's makes me so upset, so dispointed, It makes me feel...
  2. F

    Customer Feedback Notes

    Has anyone got funny feedback notes from customers? If so, I would like to read what they post to you. I got one report today. I wish, I know which customer it was but I can only reason one that I took longer than normal because I was using DoorDash at the same time and the weather was bad. It...
  3. Willjohnsdrive

    Report Riders?

    What happens if a rider makes a mess or even vomits in my car? How do you get the cleaning fee from them? And what happens if they dispute it?
  4. UberXking

    What to do when sexually harassed while Ubering......

    I was just thinking about this landslide of personalities having their life ruined by acting like they have since jr. high. Looking at them now it’s pretty gross. 30 years ago, if the proportioned was of age, their may be reasonable doubt and if so it wasn’t reported. Just thinking Then it...
  5. Tars Tarkas

    How can I download historical earnings details from the partner site?

    How can I download historical trip information -- date, time, duration, UberX/UberPool, etc.? I'm sure I could do it a couple months ago, but now I can't. It was in a spreadsheet format, CSV, Exel, something like that. Come to think of it, I used to received weekly reports in these formats by...
  6. BurgerTiime

    The Holder report
  7. ErniesRide

    Unemployment and Uber Answers from "an unemployment manager"

    I've seen several threads regarding unemployment but I've not personally seen anybody with answers about how to report Uber income while receiving unemployment. I've called my unemployment office today and after enduring the worst run-around and hold music, I spoke to a woman who gave me...
  8. Ziggy

    Uber - Transparency Report

    Source > ---- In this report, Uber is providing a comprehensive overview of information that was provided to U.S. state and local regulators and law enforcement agencies between July and December 2015. See report > ==...