1. Melbourne Bro

    Which companies can be trusted? Renting a car, cleaning vomit, getting insurance, etc.?

    So I'm currently signing up to become an Uber Driver in Melbourne (yay!) and I'd like to be well prepared before my first trip. I don't yet own a car and I'm still waiting for my driver accreditation to become approved. A few things I want to know: 1) Which car should I rent and from what...
  2. Marco Solo

    Renting through Hertz?

    If I rent an Uber-approved car through Hertz, will I have to apply for a new TNC permit & sticker for it before I can start driving?
  3. Danimal1027

    Buying cheap car to plate and rent..

    I’m looking to start purchasing cheap and possibly salvaged cars from the auction to rebuild and plate. Once DMV and TLC worthy, I’m planning on renting the vehicles out and am looking for guidance. Q - what is the oldest model year that will satisfy both TLC and Uber requirements? I...
  4. Vishnu643

    Does Uber Black provide good revenue?

    If you guys can reign the jokes in this time and actually give a decent answer that'd be great! I can finally afford a down payment on a Honda Accord but since I'm eligible to do Uber Black, I was thinking of saving $1K more for a Lexus, the cheapest "luxury" brand in the market (haha they call...
  5. astoriadriver

    Insurance Question - Adding Driver to Policy

    I am in the process of finding a part-time or full-time driver and so far my insurance company - american transit - has denied the last two prospective drivers because of lack of driving experience. Has anyone else dealt with this? I am still waiting to hear back from my broker about how...
  6. astoriadriver

    Renting your car out

    Has anyone rented their car out to other drivers? Do you have to become part of the Uber fleet to do this? According to Uber in NYC, you must create a fleet in order to share your car. I have seen a bunch of weekly rentals available that don't seem to involve a fleet, just checking in to...
  7. Charlie Schwartz

    Renting: is youdrive worth checking out?

    Please share your experiences. (They are a rental company advertising on ubermarketplace)
  8. Charlie Schwartz

    Working for multiple platforms while renting?

    So, I hear people talking about working for multiple platforms - uber, lyft, gett, juno, via - is this possible when renting a car? I mean, for example, can you rent from an uber base and work occasionally for one of these other platforms?
  9. N

    Advice on renting cars to uber drivers NYC

    Thanks for looking so I just met with uber got approved and want to get a few cars probably toyota camrys 2015 make them TLC and rent them out to uber drivers. ( I will not be driving ) I already opened up a corporation for this and I wanted to know what you guys thought any advice you guys...
  10. MrTaxi

    Renting out vehicle

    Hi, I have a civic 1.6 Coe ending soon, can I renew the Coe and rent out as a business. Who will buy the commercial insurance, road tax. Servicing will be done by me. Anything else? The person renting must be a sole proprietor, Then I should open a car leasing company? Seriously not very...
  11. corpcross

    Thinking of renting out my leased car - like new - VW Passat - in NY - POssible?

    Hello - I am thinking of renting my 2015 VW Passat to an UBER or LYFT driver? RelayRides (currently TURO) is not allowing a listing in NY and HyreCar is the same.. any tips if this is possible in NYC? Thanks.
  12. Sasch Boyle

    Looking for a dog friendly place in the SFBA/March

    In SD now, looking for a dog friendly (and kind uber/tech friendly) place on March 1st in the SFBA. Sharing a house would be best, but not essential. My dad is in SF, and willing to put down a deposit. I have steady occupancy, referrals. My dog is a female St. Bernard/Corgi mutt, 10 years old...
  13. hortiz

    I'm Not driving anymore, Renting my car Camry Hibrid '15

    Hi Guys, I've been driver for UBER for 5-6 Months making $1000-1200 a Week, but i got a decent and better job in the IT field in a great company so i decided to rent my car if anyone is interested and want to drive for Uber and Lyft. I'm not too picky with the person but my car is New and...
  14. N


    First time poster. So I rented a motor from these guys a couple of weeks ago. Went to start my night shift earlier and the thing refuses to start unless I put in a code of some sort. Now, I know that you need to put in a code to authorise payments every week but my rent isn't due till...
  15. ivanB

    Renting your Uber Partner account - why not?

    Generally when I don't drive Uber I rent my Uber accont, (including my phone) since I have lots of data to a friend od mine she is an older lady that doesn't have vehicle to qualify her for Uber. She pays me $50 for half a day, and she says people don't mind since its at night and no body...
  16. ZopaRob

    Renting a Car Costing Too Much?

    Hello everyone, thought I'd post on here and let you know about a better alternative to renting or hiring an Uber car. £1100 per month is roughly the going rate for renting a new Uber X car these days. Even if you can afford the insanely high rent, there are better options available. Renting...
  17. Sunflower

    New to Uber

    Hello all, I completed my defensive driving course today (already have my Class E license) and I was wondering if any NYC-based drivers could help me out before I move onto the next step(s)... I finance a 2007 Mitsubishi Galant and would like to use this (my personal vehicle), rather than the...