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  1. indigoose

    Car Rental No Depo Needed

    Hi Guys, Anyone interested or looking for a car to rent for Ubering/Grab Purposes? its not LCR or any of the Grab related companies. Vios is $58/day or $406/wk or u can choose from any of the higher tier cars but of cos different charges, for more info sms me at NINE zero five one eight three...
  2. N

    Rental Cars and Permit?

    I am thinking about renting a car with uber. Will it be possible for me to get a Dallas city and the airport permit for that particular car? Replies with be highly appreciated.
  3. MercuryLeasingSG

    Cheap and Good - Toyota Vios

    Hi We have a couple of Toyata Vios and a Nissan Latio Sports for rent - $400 / week. Good reliable car, low fuel consumption, and well maintained. Consistently low rates (no minimum trip requirements), access to JB without fees, and can drive for both Uber and Grab. Please check out our...
  4. K

    Anyone interested in borrow your Uber account to me?

    I will pay you rent. Please reply to discuss.
  5. JustDre

    EZPASS For rental

    I just started driving with Uber and rented a car. I bought an EZPass today for the rental so I can keep track of my tolls. I tried registering the tag to the tlc rental and it says the car is already registered to another tag which is understandable. How do you use an ezpass for a rental and...
  6. John Yoo

    Help: I'm getting denied from rental agencies.

    I've already been to two agencies that Uber's vehicle solutions program and been denied. This is due to a speeding violation of 8 points from over two years ago. What are my other options?
  7. M

    renting car in miami...

    hi everyone im newb in posting but been lurking and wanted to "up" this quest. ive done research and see that most of the rent options are not in miami. i was originally going to do uberx but was denied, so lookin for the next best option till the next best option. does anyone have any new...
  8. Lyft_94110

    Lyft penalty box?

    -- post deleted by author --
  9. D

    Has anyone successfully rented a car and "legally" used for BOTH uber and Lyft?

    Those of you in California I only care if you were able to get the car approved with insurance etc. on BOTH platforms. Not if it was a viable financially. Much thanks in advance!!
  10. D

    Has anyone successfully rented a car and "legally" used for BOTH uber and Lyft?

    Those of you in California I only care if you were able to get the car approved with insurance etc. on BOTH platforms. Not if it was a viable financially. Much thanks in advance!!
  11. L

    How much can I make driving in NYC

    How much can I make in NYC driving for uber i know I will have to rent a car spoke to a few friends of mines they said they can get me a c300 Avalon or a highlander for about 380-477 a week so I would like to know if I was to work m-f maybe even the weekends how much can I take home after a 8 or...
  12. J


    Hi, I am looking for someone to take over my rental ford focus at only $55 per day. My rental contracts end at 11th july 2016. You may continue the rental with the vendor after 11th july. (Price to discuss with vendor after 11th july.) Please call/whatsapp me at 99849-9477 for more info and...
  13. Kozim


    HI GUYS! I have a 2014 Toyota Camry SE Sport (black on black) for rent! asking price is 350$. Im the first owner and still driving it now ! March 21 ill be getting my new car so wanted to rent this out! This car is fully loaded with 18" beautiful rims. Car never been in accident! The only i do...
  14. Showa50

    Express Drive Lyft & GM Car Rental Program

    Not available in LA yet. But I'm sure it will be soon. https://www.lyft.com/expressdrive
  15. 1

    Renting tlc car in NY that had no insurance

    Renting TLC car, got stopped in Nassau county Long Island for speeding, got hit with 4 tickets but the major one was CAR WAS NOT INSURED the car that I rent had insurance lapse in middle of December I got stopped in January the ticket is under my license while the car is a rental and the TLC...
  16. Booyah

    Looking for UberBlack drivers who leased/rented cars specifically for Black

    Hi guys, Long time member here. I'm a reporter at BuzzFeed News and I cover all things Uber and transportation here. I'm working on a story about the economics of UberBlack especially in light of the most recent fare cuts on UberX. I want to talk to some drivers about how the low fares of...
  17. Zorro_wrangler

    Uber-enterprise program. Thoughts?

    Uber-enterprise is trying a pilot program where you rent an enterprise car and drive around. The e-mail indicated the following that I summarized as bullet points Cons- - $500 "refundable" deposit -$40 application fee -$210 deducted weekly + taxes + fees -Approx 90 miles/day and .25 cents per...
  18. J

    General rental/leasing questions

    Hi all, I'm a potential uber driver coming on board! Trying to better understand the leasing right now so i can learn from you bros here. 1. What car do you find the best to use for uber and why? (Are there any good models I should choose?) 2. What are you paying for the car? 3. What is a...