1. N

    Maven Gig, Never Cars Available?

    I'm looking to start driving Uber and Lyft. Right now I am leaning towards only doing Lyft with Express Drive / Hertz rental. The reason is that my personal car doesn't qualify (2-door coupe), and the Uber/Lyft rental with Hertz limits you to just that one service (i.e. if I rent with Hertz...
  2. UberKnights

    Hit By a Bus feb 7th

    Feb 7th I was stopped at a red light when a bus sideswiped me I had a pax with me in the car. I went to the reporting center and reported the accident and thought I would just get a rental car and still drive for Uber. I have been unable to get a rental unless I pay for the month up front and...
  3. G


    Just a few questions. I’ve researched the Hyrecar platform and although it is a bit buggy it does seem lucrative if utilized correctly. My main concern... is there any data showing the demand for cars to rent for ridesharing on Long Island? I have a few contacts that can get me hybrid vehicles...
  4. Danimal1027

    Buying cheap car to plate and rent..

    I’m looking to start purchasing cheap and possibly salvaged cars from the auction to rebuild and plate. Once DMV and TLC worthy, I’m planning on renting the vehicles out and am looking for guidance. Q - what is the oldest model year that will satisfy both TLC and Uber requirements? I...
  5. jennnin

    Delay in this week's payment?

    New driver, got rental incentive for first 2 weeks. Last week's direct deposit went into the checking on Tuesday, same day leasing co took the payment. This week, with the new system, payment still isn't in checking but leasing co took their payment on Tuesday. Anyone else experience this? Uber...
  6. Ryan@Autzu


    Hi Toronto Uber Drivers, My name is Ryan and I am excited to introduce you to Autzu. Autzu creates a shared economy for rideshare drivers. We remove all vehicle requirements by providing individuals with easy access to drive our rideshare approved vehicles. We provide you with a BMW 3-Series...
  7. H

    Topographical assessment

    Hi, I recently sat my topo assessment on the 15th Nov 2017. I'm quite confident that I have passed but I wanted to know how long it takes till I receive my results and what steps I will have to take after, in order to get myself on the road as quick as possible. Thanks
  8. Vishnu643

    Pros and cons to using your own car vs rental?

    So I been crunching numbers and thinking this over for a while now, and I've decided to come nearly to the decision that owning/financing is better than renting (leasing I'm sure is a monster all by itself and I won't bother with that). Here's what I've deduced thus far. Owning I don't have to...
  9. Z

    Best cars for driving Uber & Grab

    Hi..Bros... Full tank $60 can do 1000 to 1200km with at least three month contract price 83 to 93 per day....doing uber and grab with other PH app worth it ? Please advice...thank
  10. jewy1130

    Looking for a hybrid rental

    Hello I am interested in renting a hybrid vehicle from a private owner. Just trying to get a feeler for some prices.
  11. T

    Denied a rental??

    Stopped by the uber office and was told that because I had a speeding violation of over 30 mph I would not be allowed to rent, has anyone had this issue? Is there a way to bypass this or know of a company who doesn't care?
  12. 1

    Atlanta Rideshare Insurance. I gotta couple questions.

    So I have an Enterprise Rental through Uber’s program which is ending this month for most (this week for me). Any suggestions on which companies have rideshare insurance. I know Geico and American Family Insurance. Just looking to see what you guys have and the absolute best rates you’ve found...
  13. inthefoot

    UBER + Hertz

    Uber is advertising that renting a midsize car is $200/week but when I go to reserve one (through the uber app) they're $300-$450/week. My next step is to just call the actual Hertz and ask but can any one here WITH EXPERIENCE speak to the process?
  14. R

    Hourly Rental experience with Uber

    Hi everyone- TGIF! I am thinking about Hourly Rental experience. Has anyone tried? Is it easy to signup and book? Problems? Thanks
  15. Syed Ali

    Uber car solution

    Hi guys! My car is nov 2010 holden and i have been driving uber on it since feburary this year, now got an email from uber saying i would have to get my car inspected so i was just wondering as SA regulations states car has to be less than 8 years old and uber eventually has to change it to 8...
  16. M

    Local Ride Share Rentals

    Anyone out there renting from the local Ride Share companies? I just saw the add for UCars I think it's called and wondering what all it entails? I've done my research and think this is the best bet for me now until I save up to buy a cheap car. I sent in a application but there is no number...
  17. HudsonDriver4Hire

    Uber-Enterprise Rentals DONE

    We are winding down the Enterprise Rent-A-Car program with Uber after a periodic review of our business strategy. We have enjoyed our partnership with Uber and Uber driver-partners, and we really appreciate your business. During this transition, we want to make sure we provide you with the best...
  18. Vishnu643 it good?

    So I got my license a few days ago and now I'm on the Uber market place. The few renters that would answer my calls wanted $400+ due to my status. Kind of getting to the point of ridiculous. This company kabanafi was on Uber market place and they offer rides to "new" drivers. They wouldn't...
  19. HiDuuken

    Uber Rented cars in Singapore that were fire hazards...
  20. KC4EVR

    Can I use My rental from Hertz for Lyft to Uber too??

    I have been patiently waiting for xchange leasing to lease me another car since the accident that totaled my car 12 days after I leased it in March ( see my post in Vehicle) the guy ran a red light, tboned me and I was supposed to get another car but I have been without transportation or work...