rental car

  1. Y

    Weekly Rental Options - Toronto [Delivery]

    Hey all, I don't have a reliable car and want to start driving for Instacart. Was wondering if anyone has tried any of the weekly rental services in Toronto or could recommend any? Thanks!
  2. Nina2

    Lyft launches a car rental service with no mileage limit Lyft is getting into car rentals. The ride-hailing company announced Thursday that it’s launching a rental service available in its main smartphone app that will work pretty much just...
  3. romelchowdury

    rental insurance

    Hello Everyone, I need your advice on something, I am no longer driving for any rideshare in NYC, I just want to rent my car to a friend do I need to have both of our name in the insurance? please let me know your thought, recommendation.
  4. A

    Thinking of renting to drive? Don't use Maven Gig!

    Thought I would put in my two cents about Maven Gig Australia as I have had a pretty disappointing experience with them in the last six months. In the beginning I thought they were pretty good, simple, easy to use, staff were helpful. Actually I signed up because of their primary Sydney rep...
  5. K

    In an accident - any advice on renting a car for Uber while i wait for repairs?

    happy new year, fellas. Long time lurker, first time poster. A few nights ago, I was rear ended while sitting at a red light and car is nit driveable. I was not using that car for Uber purposes at that time, but I will feel the sting of the additional income that Uber was providing. Since car...
  6. RideshareRentals

    Rideshare Car Rentals in Los Angeles

    Hey UberPeople! Are you looking to rent a vehicle for rideshare? We have a large fleet of fuel-efficient cars that qualify for multiple categories of uber and lyft, including UBER X, UBER XL, LYFT XL, UBER SELECT, LYFT LUX as well as all Food Delivery Services. Our rentals include: Unlimited...
  7. T

    Philadelphia rides per day? Tips?

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and will be new to the area next week. I used to do Uber in NJ when I was in college a couple years ago, but have never done it in PA before. My question, as I'm coming back from being out of the country for a couple years I rented a car from Lyft's...
  8. R

    CTP implications for Rented Cars

    Can any group member give me an idea of how CTP issue relates to the drivers with rented cars.
  9. M

    Where can I rent a car to join Uber in Reno?

    Sorry to post again: I am torn between using my personal car for Uber, which I am about to buy (8-passenger minivan or AWD SUY) and renting. I really don't want to use my personal vehicle to to the extra miles and insurance problems. I want to keep my personal life separate, in the same way...
  10. U

    Logbook for rental cars?

    Hi, I’m renting a car and use it 100% for Uber. On the rental paper the odometer reading is recorded when I rent. Hence, based on that and my current odometer number, I can prove how many kms I’ve driven. Do I still need to maintain a logbook for BAS and Tax purposes? What should I do with my...
  11. P

    Rental through Hertz decent car & program? Experience with it?

    Searched threads & not finding much on this top exactly in the Chicago area. I've been driving for Uber over a month and have naturally racked on the miles. Also, I drive stick shift & those weekend start/stops/traffic gets annoying. I'm seriously considering renting a car but have heard...
  12. Phil Salazar

    Car in shop , Can you uber in a rental ?

    Friends I was rear ended by a car last week and my car is in shop for 12 days , i have a rental a really nice one actually , Is it possible to use my rental for now to Uber ? Anyone out there havwe this experience before? Phil
  13. Vishnu643

    Renting is actually becoming a less attractive option for ride-sharing

    So for those that rent, you already know about payfare. For those that own/finance[/lease], you're lucky. Payfare is a new forced implement system that is required to get paid IF you are renting your own car. And boy, what a headache it is. Between lack of communication from Uber, rental company...
  14. Z

    Best cars for driving Uber & Grab

    Hi..Bros... Full tank $60 can do 1000 to 1200km with at least three month contract price 83 to 93 per day....doing uber and grab with other PH app worth it ? Please advice...thank
  15. WalDis

    Lyft and Hertz rental problems

    I am a total newbie...Arrived today at Swenson Lyft/hertz with 4 pm reservation made one week ago and Lyft reminding me every day since to be there...NO car available says Lyft hertz lady on arrival. Took time off from reg job to make sure I was prompt. So, has anyone else suffered the same...
  16. onelanka

    Rent a taxi for $400 a week?

    So I had this rider today, an older Chinese guy. He told me that he is a driver too and does Uber Taxi. Apparently he rents a taxi for $400 a week. He told me has been driving a Taxi for 9 years and only does nights. Does anyone know the business side of this? Revenue, expenses, insurance etc...
  17. Y

    Advice worth driving lyft/uber rental car?

    In the city of Detroit would it be worth getting the rental car program and drive for the company. Wouldn't I essentially be paying for the car fee instead of getting paid? If someone could go a little in depth with how I would have to balance it out that would help. Thanks.
  18. Alkimist

    Hertz Express drive return policy..

    lyft ambassador txted me that they available cars in their location, knowing that its hard to reserve one i drove myself to rent a car at around 10:am and once everything was done and i was good to go, I have an emergency call from home so i drove my car back and left the rental car at their...
  19. C

    Express Drive - Hertz payment question

    Hi guys- new Lyft Express Drive renter here... quick question (can't seem to find it online anywhere) - Lyft has already taken $250 deposit and I know I have to take my credit card with me tomorrow to pickup my rental but what will I be paying at Hertz? I just want to be sure there's enough...
  20. J

    Mileage on an uber rental car

    Hi all. So I am renting from Hertz for now to drive for Uber. Does anyone know if Hertz has mileage limits on the cars they rent to Uber drivers? I didn't think to ask up front and now I'm a little worried since I'm putting 1500 miles a week on this Corolla.