rent car

  1. J

    Renting My Car to Uber Drivers

    Hi, I have a car I barely use. How and where would I find an Uber or rideshare driver to rent to? Thanks
  2. CabDriver

    I need a tlc car

    i passed my tlc test i did my drug test , finger print and everything so my license should come in the mail in about 3 weeks but I don’t have a tlc licensed car and uber won’t let me rent because I’ve only had my license for about 4 months even though I’ve driven more that 1,000 miles In a...
  3. ZopaRob

    Renting a Car Costing Too Much?

    Hello everyone, thought I'd post on here and let you know about a better alternative to renting or hiring an Uber car. £1100 per month is roughly the going rate for renting a new Uber X car these days. Even if you can afford the insanely high rent, there are better options available. Renting...
  4. S

    Car rental with low deposit and monthly rental cost

    Hi everyone, I have a Nissan Sunny for rent at $1,500 per month with deposit at $800. Car can be used for both uber and grabcar. 3rd party insurance excess $1,500. Minimum 3 months rental. Interested parties please contact 9456 3179. Thanks!