Toll Reimbursement Difficulty

    All - I appreciate your responses and experiences... I recently began driving for Uber (after a successful first month with Lyft also). Lyft never had a problem recognizing when I went on the SRT or DNT and always captures tolls. Foolishly, I assumed UBER did the same thing. However, a week...
  2. Skweeop

    Are We Paying Taxes On Tolls That Are Reimbursed Via "Promotions"

    When the driver app doesn't recognize the tollways you've passed through, you have to submit a Fare Review, usually accompanied by a screenshot of your toll statement. Once approved, they display your reimbursement amount in the "Promotions" box of the app. Does this mean I'm now having to pay...
  3. Westside Speeder


    So I had a discussion with a woman at the Uber Eats "help" line last night after a particularly frustrating time trying to find parking to bring a lady her free burger (It was madness last night with the free burger "event"). I called and told her that I have spent maybe 30 to 40 dollars on...