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  1. M

    Oppose caps on vehicle registration

    Please participate in campaign of sending your voices by emails and calling your city council members to oppose caps on TLC vehicle registration. Putting a cap on vehicle registration will increase the rental/lease/financing drastically under simple economic rule of supply and demand. " Any...
  2. BurgerTiime

    New York City Considers New Pay Rules for Uber Drivers

    https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/07/02/nyregion/uber-drivers-pay-nyc.html?action=click&module=In%20Other%20News&pgtype=Homepage&action=click&module=News&pgtype=Homepage New York City’s taxi commission is considering new pay rules for drivers for Uber and other ride-hailing apps — a move that...
  3. BurgerTiime

    California says Uber is classified as a transportation firm and owes back fees!

    State regulator ruling could cost Uber ‘millions http://www.sfexaminer.com/state-regulator-ruling-cost-uber-millions/amp/ State regulators changed how they legally classify ride-hail giant Uber on Thursday, a technical move that may cost the company millions of dollars. The California Public...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Uber's third largest market is in jeopardy

    http://www.reuters.com/article/us-uber-brazil/uber-scrambles-to-head-off-brazil-bill-regulating-ride-software-idUSKBN1CZ2Q3 BRASILIA (Reuters) - Hundreds of drivers for the internet based ride-hailing firm Uber drove through Brazil’s largest cities on Monday to protest legislation that would...
  5. BurgerTiime

    Due to brash behavior, Uber is caving in to regulations

    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41604498 Uber has backed down from its threat to leave the Canadian province of Quebec over new rules it felt were too restrictive. The ride-sharing company, based in San Francisco, was due to halt its operations in the province on Saturday. Uber...
  6. R

    Point to point regulations coming in September- add more operating costs

    It is expected to be official regulation by September... This means having proper business insurance, business CTP and maintenance of cars as per manufacturer specifications. I am sure 70 to 85 percent uberx drivers don't have these in place.... I think it is going to hurt us hard .... More...
  7. BurgerTiime

    It’s Time for a Reality Check on Flying Cars Like Uber’s

    http://fortune.com/2017/04/27/flying-car-drone-uber-dubai-kitty-hawk-2020/ Flying cars made plenty of headlines this week. Uber announced Tuesday that it plans to bring flying cars to New York within five years, while Silicon Valley startup Kitty Hawk, partly funded by Google founder Larry...
  8. jimmylaz

    Uber in rural towns

    Hi gang. Friday night I had to move from Sydney to Scone (upper hunter valley about 4 hours from Syd). My old man is out of action for around 6 weeks so I will be looking after our farm. I joined the local community Facebook page and there was a lengthy post about wanting a driver to service...
  9. Modern-Day-Slavery

    Where is the Independent Watchdog?

    Where is the independent organisation that oversees the Australian ride-sourcing industry? We really need this type of Regulatory Agency to make objective rulings where there is a dispute between drivers or riders and a company like Uber. Real Example 1: Right now when I report an issue to...

    Connecticut Regulations up for review

  11. Chargersrt10

    Second batch of Uber PTC Stickers?

    Does anyone in this forum know when the second batch of Uber Toronto PTC Stickers is coming? The media (Most dishonest and corrupt people on this planet) has me worried about fines. Actionjax, Do you have any "Insider knowledge"? I sent an email to Uber, and received a pretty vague answer back...
  12. RamzFanz

    California: self-driving cars will not need licensed driver, given federal approval

    The department of motor vehicles’ revised regulations, which will face an open hearing this month, allow the public to access driverless cars Alphabet could gain the most from California’s action on self-driving cars. Photograph: Eric Risberg/AP California’s department of motor vehicles...
  13. VUT

    Quebec - Uber Agreement signed on Septembre 9, 2016 - WHAT NEXT ?

    Since the agreement that Uber Quebec and Quebec Government signed on Sept 9, we are expecting information from the office of Montreal. What's next ? As per the agreement, old drivers have up to December 7, 2016 to get a 4C driver permit, get the right insurance, Uber sticker. As per the...
  14. eman1122

    If You Really Want to Take On Uber...

    I will try to make this as brief as I can. I get a strong feeling of deja vu when I read this forum and see the feeling of utter disdain for our ridesharing company of choice and talks of another strike to bring awareness to Uber that drivers are fed up and want change. But let me reassure...
  15. TrexG

    How many gonna drop out

    If uber cars and others are to change number plates to the rumoured CV plates, and the possibility of commercial insurance (?), amongst other changes, how many of my fellow uber drivers will be dropping out?
  16. @earth_to_jen

    FLORIDA TNC INSURANCE: FAJUA via Insurance Today Group Sunshine State steps up to plate

    Florida Auto Joint Underwriters Association are just waiting for the ink to dry on their brand new personal policy that covers TNC drivers:) Waiting on clarification from our Rideshare Insurance Agent for Florida, but it looks like 24/7 pip available. Also waiting on clarification to see if...
  17. onelanka

    New email from Uber

    just got this from, the part about Mississauga is interesting! "Update on GTA regulations As cities across Ontario move forward with ridesharing regulations, we wanted to send you an update on the situation in Toronto and Mississauga. Toronto embraces ridesharing On May 3, Toronto...
  18. MikesUber

    Wolf, Fitzgerald, Peduto ask PUC to Reconsider Multi-million Dollar Uber Fine (Pittsburgh)

    Follow Up to, Pennsylvania Hits Uber with Record $11.4 Million Fine Original Thread: https://uberpeople.net/threads/pennsylvania-hits-uber-with-record-11-4-million-fine.73652/ Ride-sharing service fined $11.3 million for operating without required approval in 2014 New Article...
  19. UberxGTA

    Will T.O. city council pass friendly Rideshare regulations on May 3?

    Will T.O. city council pass friendly Rideshare regulations on May 3?
  20. E

    If I was Tracey Cook lol

    Here is what I would have drafted (I am skipping taxi related things, mainly focusing on uber and likes) Safety measures 1. Non city installed front facing and inside facing cameras in all cars, no need to be under constant police survailance for cars who are not only used for commercial...