1. Lissetti

    Why The Unregulated Ant Life We Now Know, Will Soon Change Forever....

    Fake Uber driver charged with kidnapping Alabama students Man accused of impersonating Uber driver arrested wearing fake penis Tommy Wayne Beard 62 An Alabama man who pretended to be an Uber driver to pick up intoxicated women was arrested and charged with new crimes on Friday. He now...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Spain’s parliament has squashed Uber and taxi drivers express tears of joy

    Video: After years of protests, spanish taxi drivers claimed a major victory over app-based ride sharing services such as Uber. In a close vote, the spanish parliament resolved a measure to regulate providers...
  3. WestSydGuy

    WA transport levy 10% 10% for all rideshare trips, also an annual authorisation (fee) for drivers. NSW will be all over this idea at their next brain storming session.
  4. pizza guy

    The Chicago way

    It's a long read but worth the time. Reason: Chicago Is Trying to Pay Down Its Debt By Impounding Innocent People’s Cars.
  5. B

    CA Emmissions Standards

    I've been listening to coverage about emissions standards being rolled back in California, and the focus has been on auto manufacturers. But why is no one talking about Uber / Lyft? 1. They dictate a large portion of the used car sales in the nation by the cars accepted on their platform. 2...
  6. SuzeCB

    Discussion of 3695 as it Applies Today

    There are certain aspects of this law that stick in my craw when I consider how Uber is doing things right now. Particularly with regard to upfront pricing and what we actually get paid. Following is a paragraph copied directly from 3695 regarding how a TNC collects a fare from the rider on...
  7. BurgerTiime

    Uber delt a major blow in Europe LONDON — Uber suffered a blow to its expansion plans in Europe on Tuesday after a senior adviser to the region’s highest court said that the ride-hailing service should have to abide by...
  8. BurgerTiime

    Uber is planning to limit the number of hours drivers work
  9. Maven

    Lawmakers Move Forward On Uber, Lyft Regulations

    Here are updates in the local news recently. Legislators are reviving last year's debate over regulating ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft.
  10. pizza guy

    Your plans if they pull out

    What are your plans if the ordinance passes and U/L pull out? Drive4chicago is interested in you plans. Will you sign up for one of the companies attempting to fill the void? Will you simply quit and move on? Will you try to make your money outside the city limits? Feel free to vent your...
  11. NYETA_


    New Yorkers for Equal Transportation Access As the rise of Uber has begun to transform the transportation services industry, what has become clear is that for all of the support that the newcomer has garnered from a segment of the riding public, it has totally ignored the needs of the...
  12. MrsUberJax

    Uber/Lyft Bill in Florida Legislature moves to house floor. Vote Expected Soon.
  13. JerseyBoy911

    Let's Help Make Sure This Guy Keeps his Job!

    I'm seriously inspired now. I want to fight! Once this bill goes to the NJ Senate then the Governor this man might lose his job plus all the other regulations that they will impose later down the line...
  14. BC1045

    UBER Home Town SF Documentary *****

    Just ran across this 2014 Driving for Hire documentary on YouTube. Made in San Francisco, home of Uber. Very informative and enlightening for Uber, Lyft, and other TNC/VFH drivers everywhere. 1 hour 25 minutes, well worth your time. Happy Trails...
  15. FunemployedDriver

    The Agenda TVO discussion on Uber

    If you like watching The Agenda, this will give you a good idea about the problems with Uber compared to the Taxi industry. It's unfortunate that Uber does not participate in any debates to get their ideas across. Air...
  16. chi1cabby

    Chicago | Rahm Emanuel's new ride-share, taxi proposal

    Ride-hailing companies to get airport access in exchange for 15 percent cab fare hike Emanuel calls for new ride-share, taxi fees...
  17. chi1cabby

    California | Uber ordered to publicize business practices
  18. chi1cabby

    Uber in Europe: Backseat driver

    Good Read:
  19. chi1cabby

    The taxi wars: Uber takes Houston This four-part series, co-reported and -published with the Houston Chronicle, examines the impact of Uber, the app-based ride-hailing...