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regular customer

  1. MoonlightDrive

    Looking for an uber/lyft driver for regular rides with naval base pass

    Hi, looking for a San Diego Uber or Lyft driver to help solve a particular problem and in the process get a regular, good ride at least three times a week. The problem: My 92 yr old Grandmother loves to go dancing. She goes two or three times a week to the 32nd Street Naval Station in San...
  2. F

    Regular daily school run needed

    I would like to arrange a daily pickup to and from my son's school for 3 children and 1 adult. The details would be as follows: Outbound: Time: 6:50am Pickup: Siglap area, Frankel Estate Destination: North Spring Primary School, 1 Rivervale St, Singapore 545088 Return: Time: 2pm Pickup: North...
  3. E

    Passenger looking for regular driver for work commute

    I live in Edmond, work in Stillwater on Tues/Thurs afternoons. According to Lyft, I would pay about $45 each way. However, $90 round-trip would be steep for me. Perhaps, though, we can negotiate a rate as this would be a regular gig: every Tues/Thurs afternoon through the academic year. I...
  4. pizza guy

    Dealing with regular riders

    This probably doesn't apply to city drivers but if you actually make money doing this in the suburbs you probably have lots of repeat riders. How do you deal with repeat riders who are just plain bad riders? I go out of my way for people that live in my apartment complex (5,000 people) and...
  5. pizza guy


    Just wondering how often everybody else has repeat riders. I drove one guy 4 times @ $15 a ride this week. Another guy I drove 3 times and 3 other rides were people I had previously driven. These were all close to home but I often get repeat riders far from home close to where I drop of my...
  6. W

    Regular Trips for Uber/GC Drivers

    Hi everyone, We are a new start up coming up in Singapore, which aims to help Uber/Grabcar drivers to generate a stable income everyday. Targeting customers who want personal drivers without paying them full time salary and the vehicle. We want to connect drivers with regular customers who...
  7. pizza guy

    Do you get/expect tips from regulars?

    I have multiple customers that I drive 2-3 times a week or more. One guy said he has to spend a five hundred a month on Uber and I've had my net approach $200 from individual customers. The fact is they almost never tip and I'm actually OK with that. Some will tip me once every few rides...
  8. cleansafepolite

    Can this get me booted?

    I wrote to uber support asking if it was ok if i had regular passengers..people who request a ride while already sitting in my vehicle. I had read somewhere that if your family and friends ride uber and cosistantly rate you 5 stars you will be booted imeadiately for tampering with the rating...