1. B

    Account stuck on onboarding

    I'm based in Melbourne and have been trying to sign up for Uber Eats bicycle delivery, but my profile has been stuck on onboarding for the past 6 weeks. The Driver app says "We'll let you know when you can take trips". I've looked at the list of documents/checks and all are showing as active...
  2. banjokazooie

    Help with signing up

    Hey all :-) I'm guessing nobody will be able to help me but getting desperate! Got myself an Ebike thinking to join UberEats. Easy I thought. I was very wrong. This is so frustrating!!! I cannot sign up. I've been trying to sign up with UberEats since the 9th of July!! I was wondering if you...
  3. Beerslinger

    German postcode in Amazon Flex

    Morning, I didn' find any info, even on flex support how to enter German postcode properly, when starting to deliver after registration. When I enter my German postcode without DE- it drops me in US, when with DE it pops up an error 🤔 anyone here from Germany?
  4. U

    Problem Registering Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV)

    I took off a year from driving with Uber as my old car (Honda Pilot) just wasn't fuel efficient enough and I didn't receive nearly as many XL rides as I would have hoped. Flash forward a year later and I have an ultra-efficient Honda Clarity PHEV and I'd like to make a little side money again...
  5. K

    Just bought my first car and need help with some questions.

    Hello! I just bought my first car, Civic 07, I plan on using it for ride sharing but I need some help with some first time owner / Uber driver questions. Location: New Jersey I bought the car from a used car dealer, (a first for me as well), and is currently being financed by the dealer...
  6. Marco Solo

    Registration renewal for Xchange Leasing car?

    Xchange Leasing paid my initial $275 registration fee last year. Will I have to pay the same amount myself at every one-year renewal?
  7. M

    HELP... Document upload for vehicle registration

    What document should I upload for this for UberEats? I've tried to upload a screenshot from VicRoads reg - Unable to post Link "" as well as from my VicRoads...
  8. Drive2bFree

    Plate Letter Arrived After A Few Business Days

    I was about to post that with the large flood of recent vehicle applications, we shouldn't hold our breath to get plated anytime soon. I remember in 2015 when the TLC office moved from Queens Boulevard to 47th Avenue, it took 6 weeks for me to get my car processed and registered. I am very...
  9. Sarun

    i know you guys don't like this kind of questions but can you guys help me to figure out ?

    is bill of sales and temporary registration is good to pick up the plate from DMV? i heard somewhere in some cases they ask for title ?
  10. burgerflipper

    New vehicle question

    Hey guys, I'm currently doing Uber in NYC but plans are in motion to move (not 100% sure yet that it's to Philly though). I know the money's not as good here but my question is can I have NYS registration for my vehicle or do I need PA registration? Thanks, bf
  11. F

    Please help_issue with the car rego

    Hi All, Please help me. I can't get meaningful help from UBER and I am so frustrated now. My car rego was expired on 26/1/18 and I have renewed it until 26/1/19. However, when I uploaded this new certificate, i kept receiving the SMS, saying "There is an issue with your Vehicle Registration...
  12. S

    NJ drivers... anyone authorized for NYC and tri-state area pick-ups?

    Hello, I am new at this game and like your advice on how to set myself up for success for Uber. Can you tell me if NJ O plates are required to do airport pickups and dropoffs? Is it possible to have O plates and your NY TLC diamond stickers with out-of-state registration? On another thread...
  13. U

    Help needed: Uber driver online form

    Hi, I'm trying to use the following form and become an Uber approved driver. However, I don't have my own car and when I upload my docs in the first section of the below form, it requires me to choose an option from the second part, that's "I need a vehicle". But when it opens the rental car...
  14. U

    Help: Registering to become Uber Driver

    Hi, I'm going to become an Uber driver. However, the following registration page is confusing. I don't have my own car. Does the second part of this form mean that I first must rent a car before I can apply to become a driver?! Thanks,
  15. red8719


    I got this in my email today, but my registration doesn't expire until December. what's this about ? And I can still go online
  16. K

    No temporary registration in state

    South Carolina doesn't have temporary registrations. You use an affidavit as the registration if pulled over and you have to wait. Other new cars without a tag have been online with Uber here, but I sent in the affidavit to uber and they won't take it. It's on 12+ hours and no response from...
  17. S

    Driving with a brand new vehicle.

    Yesterday i signed the papers for a new 2017 Nissan Versa S+. I have two questions. What can i use in place of the registration? I know the website says i may use the "temporary registration" however i am unsure what that is. The vehicle was sold to me brand new by a manufacturer endorsed...
  18. J

    Kansas City Paper Work

    Trying to finally get my KC paperwork in order. I feel at one time the app and website for uber had better directions for what exactly I need. A small business license and then a drivers certificate and a sticker for my car? 3 separate things or 3 things that are accomplished with one set of...
  19. N

    Out of State Plates for Phoenix riders

    Is it possible to drive for Uber if you have out of state plates? I saw other cities talking about how it was okay but idk. I want to do it but do not want to change my plates because I am moving back to Utah in August. Me and my husband are down here for the summer and it would be a major...
  20. Joe A

    Changing license plates

    I started Lyft with a new car and had temp plates. Now i have new plates. How do i change them in Lyft app?