1. Lissetti

    Seattle Area 2018 Average Income Stats

    HERE'S HOW MUCH THE AVERAGE SEATTLE WORKER MADE IN 2018 The Census Bureau has released its 2018 American Community Survey results, which includes estimates for the median income for workers in different areas in the U.S. Author: Brittany Perry Published: 12/07/19 SEATTLE — As the city of...
  2. S

    Lyft PA/NJ Regional Driving For LUXSUV and Premier

    Hello, I'm new to ridesharing. I live in northeastern PA and I signed up for Uber and Lyft to make some extra cash during my downtime. I was approved by Lyft in about 5 days (still waiting on Uber background check). Lyft suggested a region about 45 minutes from me. I know my area has a small...
  3. Solo1

    How far are you driving ?

    1) How far are you all driving to your WH/FC ? 2) How far are you driving during your individual blocks of time 2, 3 or 4 ? 3) What region are you working in? I'm pretty close to my center, about 15 minutes ... My 4hr blocks are about 15-25 miles, center to the end of my deliveries ... That...
  4. B

    Cincinnati/Starting Amazon Flex

    So this has been an absolute nightmare. First, when I signed up, somehow my region got diverted to Kentucky (when it should have been Cincinnati). Because of this, I wasn't getting offers. When I called, I was diverted to an e-mail address to help with things like this. What a joke. After 9...
  5. B

    Niagara Region Ontario

    I'm located in St Catharines
  6. cin90

    Anyone sucessfully switch driver region?

    I live in an unincorporated city of Los Angeles. Orange County is about 20 miles south of me yet Lyft assigned me to drive in the OC. I have not moved. I just want to change my driving region. Has anyone successfully done so? I Lyft very part time. Lyft may not care about that or that I...