referrals fraud not paid

  1. hfreeman17

    “Lawsuit”? [[crickets]]

    So, yes, I’m a new driver. Total novice. Rookie. Etc. Etc. But Uber scr#*ed me out of a $400 referral credit, which I can document, and I’m not taking it lying down. Or over a barrel. After no fewer than 8 back and forth emails with their CS reps, who each politely gave me the same insipid...
  2. Mac44

    Referral Fraud

    I have been driving for over 2 years. I referred a good friend of mine to be an Uber driver. I gave him a IPhone 5 to use, I took him on practice runs and spent a lot of time explaining how Uber works. Uber has a record of my referral and my friend has made over 100 trips but Uber refuses to...