1. New2This

    Lyft playing with new driver referral bonuses

    I keep hearing radio ads from Lyft looking for new drivers; both for D.C. & Baltimore. They're paying $500 if the driver does 40 rides in 30 days. My app says $200 to me & $200 to driver if the new driver does 50 rides in 30 days. So Lyft is paying less to the referring driver for more work by...
  2. T

    Referral question?

    I have been driving Uber for a few months now and have received an email that I am eligible for a $500 referral bonus. My question is, can I refer my husband who would be driving the same car that I use to drive uber?
  3. warsawer

    Change of the city - does a partner qualify for a referral bonus?

    Hi! I've been driving with Uber for 2 years. Now I'm going to relocate to another country and city (London). I know that, sadly, the Uber fee will increase from 20% to 25% cause they're going to treat me as a new driver. But, do I qualify for a referral bonus? Has anyone had any experience with...
  4. Anesh

    Uber’s Lion City Rentals

    MUST READ FOR ALL UBER SINGAPORE DRIVERS !! Lion City Rentals P L is Owned by Uber !! Very disappointing , Lion City Rental Pte Ltd (LCR) is OWNED by Uber !! 2 of Uber directors from U.S. are currently the directors of this Singapore $100 paid up capital Pte Limited company. Then why all the...
  5. S

    Extra Income With Non-Uber Referrals - Thoughts?

    Have drivers had success with non-Uber referral programs? I've seen a lot of companies posting about featuring samples or flyers in your car and paying out if someone buys. These seem like good opportunities to make more cash but I'm not sure. Anyone tried one?
  6. D

    Oh boy

    Got an email from uber saying get $600 if refer a driver who signs up through their vehicle financing by March. Um no thanks sorry I would not do that to a fellow human being thats just like giving a mortgage to someone who will never be able to make the payments in 3 years when rate changes...
  7. Laz Yoldlug

    DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN = Please don't refer = Uber Not, Uber OFF!!!

    "DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN Hey Laz - did you know partners in Raleigh-Durham added over: $3,500 to their pay statements last week because they referred a friend, family member or colleague to drive with Uber!"...
  8. Django81

    REFERRALS $$$$$

    UBER did not pay me for my referral -yet they acknowledged I earned $100.00 cause my referee drove 12 trips. She got her $100.00 and now I got to fight to get mine? What kind of BS is that? Anyone else get trouble getting their referral money?
  9. M

    Lyft referral and application process questions

    With the peanuts rates from Uber, I will apply for Lyft in the next day or two. I read about the application process. How long does it take from applying until you are on the road? All my records are clean. I read about the mentor session - is anyone a mentor here? And if you have a promo code...
  10. Laz Yoldlug

    Earn $175 when you refer a human being with a drivers license to drive for Uber!

    The email I received said: "Earn $175 when you refer a friend, family member or colleague to drive with Uber!" (After 20 completed trips in Raleigh-Durham) I have no intention of doing that to a friend or my worst enemy...
  11. Harvey House

    About to join Uber, anyone have an invite code I can use?

    Was going to join uber in Brisbane, then realised I don't have an invite code. Anyone have one that I can use during registration, I think it's $200 that you get for referring someone (me), which you may or may not want to split :p. Cheers. Thanks, and happy New Year!
  12. ACCiNEED

    POSTMATES missing earnings and referral incentive issues

    So had order was unable to complete due to customer never answered door or calls when tried to drop off. So CS cancelled order said would be credited for earnings still in this but never was had email twice into support go get corrected. Then being told I was paid duplicate referral incentive...
  13. A

    Driver referral bonus in vegas

    Everybody with driver referrals should check their invite bonuses. All my referral bonuses that were $250 now show $10. When emailing support they said anyone that was activated after November 6 is $10 for referral. Ire plies to let them know that these drivers were activated a couple of weeks...
  14. P

    Referral Code Suddenly Changed

    When I logged in to my account a couple weeks ago, my referral code changed. I have been doing a lot of work to promote my original referral code so I am quite disappointed. Has this happened to anyone else? I am also unable to figure out how to change it back to my original one.
  15. Red Light

    Only Place in Vegas Paying Referrals to Uber Drivers

    Red Light Entertainment It is a service for live adult entertainment... We are the only service in the city to pay referrals to Uber drivers. We really want to help all drivers in Las Vegas to truly maximize their money making potential. Call me personally to learn more or sign up call the...
  16. J

    Using rider referral code while driving for UberX

    So I've hear of the fact that a driver can hand out a code (or card with a code on it) that allows a brand new user of Uber to sign up. And then then get their first ride for FREE, up to $20. I also understand that the code used by the driver will give him a referral fee of $5.00 I just...
  17. SandraFoxx

    Where do I find my referral code?

    Hello! I cannot seem to find my referral code to give to new riders wanting to try uber out and get the "up to a $20.00 first ride free." I want to get the credit. I also have seen other drivers with their own business cards with the code on there. Any help would be appreciated! I'm very new to...
  18. Bigg Will

    What's the referral bonus in your city?

    Just curious-- here in LA it's still $200. What's the driver referral bonus in your city?