referral fee

  1. Jack Malarkey

    $100 referral reward for UberEATS

    Megan from Uber Canberra has advised by email: $100 referral reward for UberEATS UberEATS is an exciting new way to earn money with Uber, and all existing uberX driver-partners are automatically eligible to deliver with UberEATS. Registering for UberEATS means you’ll be able to deliver food...
  2. Migibana

    Referral fee cut to $50.

    I just noticed they cut the referral fee. It did not affect me at all . everyone be safe today
  3. Newwber

    When is $10..... really $20???

    I drive daytime only in an area where daytime surges are like unicorns.... So don't judge :-) I had a pickup this morning going to RDU... bags of course and a newbie rider. I asked if they had entered a code for a $20 credit and he had no idea what I was talking about...... We got started to...