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  1. Comped Marketing


    MAKE MORE MONEY AS A RIDE-SHARE DRIVER IN LAS VEGAS!!! (UPDATE - Nevada does not have surge times this is new information we have received from your fellow drivers in the Las Vegas area) You recently beat a bill in the legislature that was trying to limit or stop your ability to operate...
  2. U

    My sign up bonus

    I was told I would receive my $250 bonus once I completed 50 rides. After my 50th ride my friend received her $150 for referring me, I didn't. I emailed them, they told me it's not offered in my city. I sent over the screenshot that showed I will receive $250 guaranteed. They then switched it up...
  3. scovell15papa


    Hey guys!
  4. McDuncFAce

    Uber Driver referral fee 2017

    Hi Everyone, I just noticed that the driver/partner referral fee in Sydney just went from $200 to $100. I noticed it last night (2nd Feb 2017) but I know it was higher a few days ago. Can anyone confirm if they have a different amount? I'm just curious to know if the same promotion applies...
  5. BlackHatRideshare

    How I make extra $ referring Lyft Passangers

    Hey All, First post here! I am a Lyft and Uber driver in RI. This may not be for all markets and some of the incentives maybe different. In RI Lyft allows you to give new Lyft riders a $50.00 Free Lyft Ride and the driver that refers the passenger gets $10.00. Lyft is not as popular in RI...
  6. dailypay

    Hi, launching something new for Drivers/Delivery people...appreciate feedback!

    Hi guys, DailyPay here. We’re launching a new program and wanted to get some feedback from you guys…. As folks on this forum know, DailyPay currently offers payments for Drivers who work on Uber and/or DoorDash. Last week, DailyPay launched DailyPay for Restaurants nationwide. This means...
  7. Daniel Rombouts

    GPU pays drivers 5% ongoing commission for client referrals and are looking for drivers.

    Get Picked Up (GPU) have a new promo running offering 5% ongoing commission on client referrals - and we are looking for drivers! If clients sign up with a drivers referral code they; Become a preferred driver for all future bookings. (meaning you are offered it first) Receive 5% commission...
  8. K

    Referalls Change

    Howdy I referred my mother to drive when Uber said it would be $500 But now that I am looking it says $100 for her. We think this may have to do with the city? But this was not explained anywhere readily apparent. Also can we change her city so that she can get the $500 that was originally...
  9. Wyreless

    UBER DC Introduces Monthly Prizes For Rider Referals

    Just got this email: Get excited, Ron. Starting today, you have the opportunity to win prizes every month you invite two new riders to try Uber! This month, if you successfully invite 2 new riders to take their first Uber ride by March 31, you’ll be entered to win $50. YOUR INVITE CODE...
  10. D


    Anyone signing up Uber in SG and renting a car and need a referal, please PM me. We can split....Thanks
  11. Freshuberboyla

    Uber has promised me $500 for referring a friend for weeks but never comes

    I have emailed over and over about not receiving the $500 referral bonus and I keep receiving emails from support that they added it and promise to have it on my next check, but disappears from my statement the day before payday and I have to start a new email thread all over again. Has his...