recording laws

  1. S

    Dash cams

    How many of you have them? How many have relied on them as proof? Am I required to post a sign in my car if I have one? (Houston) Recommendations on which one to get?
  2. D

    Live stream/ record Uber ride??

    This has been asked multiple time but with no definitive answer, sorry for the repost but some threads go on a tangent.I want to know more information pertaining to this issue and if you people have cameras recording video and audio while doing uber in NJ. Based on recent news and unreported...
  3. UberwithStuber

    Dash camera, 2 way recorder

    With all the shenagins going on with sexual harrasment, and driver abuse of pax, or even pax abuse of drivers, I'm really getting concerned. What type of recording device do you use? Two way video seems to me the best protection, but I'm curious as to what other drivers use or think about this...
  4. Zap

    Cops Told This Uber Driver It's Illegal to Film Them. Surprise, He's a Lawyer.

    2 things to take note on. Know your rights Don't find yourself becoming an innocent 'mule' for drug dealers
  5. sund0wn

    Cop threatens Uber driver with jail for recording, driver happens to be a lawyer.
  6. Edman

    Is Dash Cam Allowed for Uber Drivers in Atlanta?

    Im thinking about getting Dash Cam. Any Pro and Cons?
  7. Dustinbowlz

    Dash cam laws?

    Hey guys, so I just got signed up with Uber, and I'm looking in to getting a dash cam- one for the road and one for the interior of my car, for my protection. I am curious if anyone knows the laws here in oregon on whether or not I need my passengers to agree to being recorded? Also, I haven't...