1. M

    LIC Plate BALZMAR (or something close)

    An Uber driver. Doesn't understand speed limits or the word STOP. Keep your eyes open for this driver...and give a wiiiiiiiiiide berth.
  2. BurgerTiime

    Witnesses say Uber driver spotted driving recklessly causing the death of a crossing guard COBB COUNTY, Ga. - A school crossing guard was hit and killed while directing traffic Thursday morning, as children watched on in horror. Counselors spent the day at Lindley...
  3. D Town

    Uber Driver Crippled by Snapchat User

    A new lawsuit blames Snapchat, along with a teenager who was allegedly using the popular messaging app to share how fast she was driving, for an accident that left another driver in Georgia with severe injuries. The legal action against Snapchat is notable in part because it targets the app...
  4. K

    Expunged record

    I was convicted of wet reckless driving in California in 2014 and my probation is for 2 years. I can get it expunge but I am worried if I would be able to drive for uber after the exxpungement coz the expungement will clear it from my background but not the driving record. I mean it will say...