1. D

    Uber wants Toll Receipt

    On a trip I used the CCT but Uber didn't pay for it. So I did the usual submitting. Now they asking for a toll receipt. How do you get, has anyone else encountered this issue.
  2. B

    Do you guys store fuel and other receipts online?

    Do you guys store fuel and other receipts online? They seem to fade so quickly. What I do is scanning all the receipts after finishing off my day and storing them in Dropbox. It takes just a few minutes only.
  3. Agent037

    All I needed was a boost, now fuber wants receipts. !?

    I had a paxhole the other day and my battery needed a boost so she notified fuber of course, and got deactivated right away. I was blindsided, wtf!? I got the boost from a fellow slave and took the paxhole to her cave, had to buy a mechanic some breakfast in exchange for a fake receipt for...
  4. Tim Goyette

    Request for receipts

    Have you ever had a passenger ask for a receipt so they can get reimbursed by their employer? How did you accommodate your passenger? I would rather not carry a receipt book especially since I have only had one person ask for one.
  5. Uber_Soldat

    Inspection Receipt?

    I had my car inspected at the Tempe Uber office. I passed easily. After waiting and speaking to a gal there and getting a few answers to questions, I left. That night I was able to download the app and start driving. Now -- the weird part. I got an email from Uber saying I've yet to upload a...