1. Modern-Day-Slavery

    When a passenger says they'll give you 5-stars

    Is it just me or do you find it really patronising when a passenger says "I'll give you 5 stars"? Basically, what they are implying is "I have the power to remove you so you should be grateful to ME for keeping you in the job".
  2. LasVegasWil

    This will only be funny to Las Vegas Uber drivers
  3. UberMeansSuper

    General "Are You Serious, pax?" Thread

    Couldn't find anything with an aggregate of things that make you go "wtf, pax? Come on!". Here are a few of my own to get started. Feel free to add. You live in a gated apartment complex. You don't send me the gate code. I park at the leasing office. You call me and ask me where I am. Come on...