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  1. the uberista

    Ratings dilution

    I don't know how many of you have seen their ratings surge in the last couple of months, mine went from 4.6 to 4.8. Now I know the reason why and Uber has confirmed: Any non 5-star rating does not actually count towards ratings unless accompanied by a valid reason, such as the ones they give...
  2. YouEvenLyftBruh

    Chinese Seek To Copy Uber & Lyft In Arbitrary Insideous "Social Rating System"

    https://www.wired.co.uk/article/chinese-government-social-credit-score-privacy-invasion Recently I've been hearing folks are "outraged" by the Communist Chinese implementing a "social rating system" meanwhile, tens of thousands of United States Citizens already live and work under arbitrary...
  3. Mista T

    The future of ratings with robot cars

    If human aren't driving a vehicle, how are pax going to complain? Here are some complaints I envision: "Car was playing Christmas music but I'm Jewish, that's discrimination." "I tried calling to let driver know I would be right out but it just went to some voice mail," "I was standing out...
  4. Mista T

    The purpose of ratings

    We complain about ratings being unfair to drivers, and it is true. Ratings are 2 ways, however they exist ONLY for the benefit of the pax. The pax needs to be able to determine if we are worthy of driving them, and ratings is the tool they are given. Once the robot cars are in place, there is...
  5. YouEvenLyftBruh

    Uber Dirty Tricks Crew Still In Operation?

    I'm beginning to suspect that the Uber dirty tricks team is still active. I proclaimed myself an Investigative Journalist/Scientist, and I basically did last week as an experiment into some shady activity I was seeing. I gave very few rides last week, and documented every single ride. Anyway...
  6. R

    Let's help each other out to protect our ratings Buffalo!

    Hey guys. Just wanted to bring up the issue on ratings. I'm sure that there are ppl out there that feel like their ratings are not fair. For example, there are times where you can get 4 stars rather than 5 due to factors out of your control. For example, navigation seems to be the biggest issue...
  7. Mista T

    Uber screwing with ratings

    Do I have a 1 star on there, or not? Make up your mind.
  8. YouEvenLyftBruh

    I knew it! PAXHOLES blamed me for hillbilly stadium quagmire.

    THERE ARE TWO THINGS WRONG HERE: Problem #1: Bless your heart, Sweety, I know I how to get to the stadium. I don't control traffic or what Lyft "estimates" as my arrival time (a search here shows A YEAR of same complaints) brief summary: - PAX call me angry. "WHERE ARE YOU IT SAYS 1...
  9. mrpjfresh

    Ratings Inflation: New paper from NYU suggests Uber ratings more meaningless than ever

    Interesting (though not surprising) read on ratings and the psychology and social pressure to give all drivers 5 stars. ----------------------------- How did Uber’s ratings become more inflated than grades at Harvard? That’s the topic of a new paper, “Reputation Inflation,” from NYU’s John...
  10. Pax Collector

    Lyft and their BS feedbacks

    Help! How can I improve? Hahaha
  11. YouEvenLyftBruh

    PAX who consistently leave shitty ratings, should have their ratings count less.

    So when I thought this up on my own, I thought I was brilliant, but then I saw that there was an entire category called 'ratings' ...I realized, this will probably be the thousandth person to suggest this. ...also, I KNOW that this is just us drivers venting here, but who knows, maybe there are...
  12. Frank Underwood

    How Drivers Should Be Rated

    I know many drivers clamor for a 'living wage'. However, I think giving badges and earning ratings is a better strategy for higher pay. When customers are happy, drivers will get more rides. Thankfully Uber is smart to keep prices lower, this leads to more rides. Excellent service leads to more...
  13. Mista T

    Rate low - block future matches - for economic reasons

    Ping! 7 minutes away. Looks close on the map, I can get there in 5. Wait 3 minutes for pax to come out. Get the ever-so-common "sorry about the wait" Take them 10 minutes to their work/home/rapid transit. Quick, simple convo. Me: Do you take a lot of U/L? Pax: Yes. Me: Just to and from the...
  14. M

    Rider Rating explained

    5.0 either brand new passenger or one with around 10 or less so rides. Everyone starts out with 5, and uber ratings get averaged after 10 or something rides. Most are all good, accept the ride. Lyft almost same 4.9 either from another less diverse city or state; or possibly another country...
  15. Pax Collector

    What if Uber stops showing rider ratings during pings?

    I mean....after all the $#°+ they've gotten away with so far, who's to say it won't happen?
  16. RideshareSpectrum

    How You Can Improve

    PAX Nailed it.
  17. Muber1989

    Rating doesn’t make sense

    I am confused is Lyft purposely pulling my rating down or manipulating it? My ratings on Uber have been trending upwards for months usually my weekly reports are typically between 4.85 and 5.0 but on Lyft in the same time period my rating has dropped from 4.9 into the 4.6 (worried about getting...
  18. T

    Rating quickly dropping

    I've been hanging between 4.91 and 4.96 for about 1000 rides with Lyft. The last two or three weeks and about 60 to 75 rides I've dropped way down to 4.75. Something is shady. Nothing I've done has changed. I have never seriously cared about my rating. It dips and peaks and whatever. I can't...
  19. Jack Malarkey

    Shebah’s guidance to passengers on rating drivers

    Shebah provides this sign to drivers to display to passengers to guide ratings.
  20. METRO3

    Lyft is phasing out Daily Driver Summary

    Great. So now we wont know what our TRUE rating is each day. Nice Lyft. So now I'm going to have much lesser idea as to who rated me poorly so that I can adjust my behaviour. So I've been told by an awesome Canadian Lyft rep that Lyft has removed the Daily Driver Summary emails from half of...