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  1. Mista T

    New Uber Badges

    Breaking news from Uber!! We have been speaking with drivers around the world for many years, and once again Uber, your great non-employer, has decided to give you, our driver-partners, exactly what you have been asking for: new badges! These new rewards won’t be easy to achieve. Only the...
  2. beantowncruiser

    Not Receiving Ratings

    I started driving after recovering from an injury that kept me from driving for about a month, approximately two weeks after the "upgraded" uber app went into effect. Since then, I've received virtually no ratings except for ONE five star a couple of weeks ago. Then it DISAPPEARED a couple of...
  3. SuzeCB

    Pax View of Driver Ratings

    Last night I went to a party, and when it was over four of us decided to head to a nearby establishment for another drink or two and some further merriment... So, I ordered the Uber to take us there. Robert accepted our ride request, and we headed out to meet him. I noticed, before his arrival...
  4. Karl Marx

    Two most impotent attributes to working Uber is you need to be subservient and compliant.

    I am noticing more posts than usual about drivers being deactivated for low ratings.
  5. U

    Wonder Twins Power, Deactivate...

    Couple weeks ago I shared how I was permanently deactivated by the master. Serious thought went into how, when, why, what. I won't recap. There were a couple skeptics that chimed in with their inherent negative vitriol. However, I was well pleased knowing in all the views and comments, only...
  6. U

    Final Deactivation - Impaired Driving complaint numero 3

    Sounds bad, right. Discovered I was deactivated this am real time. Responded to the allegations and assumed same outcome as the first two deactivation, but nope...they say this is final and irreversible. Next step: Identifying the cause. Go to the fare details for each trip till triple...
  7. David Black

    No more ratings & reviews!

    Anyone else having a problem seeing new ratings and reviews? After I updated to the new app I only see the last 500 reviews. Thanks for letting me know
  8. pizza guy

    Solution to the ratings problem.

    Have only ratings from other drivers count.
  9. Muchado

    Rigged Ratings?

    Since the new app came out my ratings haven't budged an inch... Now, when you look at the ratings screen, you can see the number of 5 star ratings you've had. When I saw that mine hadn't changed in a week, I thought I'd test it by giving my wife a lift to the station. She gave me 5 stars at the...
  10. Mista T

    Pax tells me why she 4* another driver

    Started the ride with typical convo opener: "Do you take a lot of Uber and Lyft? Do you have any good driver stories?" She tells me that last week she had this driver that was so full of himself, he was bragging about how his rating was so high, and how the previous week he had gotten over 100...
  11. Working4peanuts

    Wow. A driver with a 3.24 rating

    How is that even possible? Uber must not have enough drivers in Tallahassee. He'd have been deactivated by Uber if he worked in Miami. Goes to show you how eff'd up Uber is. Where's bozo when you really need her...
  12. Mista T

    You know you've been a driver too long when ...

    Took a lunch break today. Stopped for some chicken and rice at some little hole in the wall in some strip mall somewhere. They all look alike now. Is that racist? Ordered my food. There were maybe 6 tables. In one corner was a woman and 2 kids. I sat as far away as possible, just wanted to eat...
  13. Jack Malarkey

    GoCatch now displays driver’s satisfaction rating to passengers

    GoCatch now displays the driver’s satisfaction rating to passengers. It now also calculates the average rating as the total number of ‘thumbs up’ over the total jobs completed. According to GoCatch, this may result in a slight increase in a driver’s rating. GoCatch passengers give ratings...
  14. Kurt Halfyard


    You took us to the wrong address! 5*!! WTF? Hilarious. o_O
  15. Mista T

    A rider becomes aware of their rating

    Cute story about a journalist who realizes what a rotten pax she has been. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://amp.ft.com/content/05df5746-7e56-11e8-8e67-1e1a0846c475&ved=0ahUKEwiVoKzq3YjcAhWvGTQIHSLwBUQQqUMIMzAF&usg=AOvVaw1xv_g2gTlIA9nLSgRm2Ke5 The shame of my very...
  16. Andocrates

    Ratings ding

    When I come home at 6:30 am My rating was back up to 4.64 from 4.60. I got fanfare from UBER which I deserved for working my ass off. Three hours later and it's 4.59 What could have happened? The only issue I had last night I refunded the rider. I'm seriously discouraged. I have some physical...
  17. tdcinflorida

    Low ratings form PAXs is bugging me

    My Lyft rating is 4.81 but it should be higher. So many require absolute perfection. You pick them up within minutes. Act polite and communicative. Get them to the destination as fast and safe as possible. And still they give a low rating: maybe you slowed down at a wrong street as if preparing...
  18. C

    Can't rate Lyft passengers anymore plus far away pings.

    Hi there. I have noticed that recently Lyft does not display the option for me to rate pax. What's up with that? Also why the hell in a metropolitan area like NYC I get a ping from midtown west while I am on Clinton St in Brooklyn heights. On Lyft during busy times and especially on the...
  19. Soy

    GrubHub Driver Ratings

    Is it possible to see what our ratings as drivers are? I know both restaurants and customers can rate us but I can't figure out how to find where those ratings are. I'm going to feel foolish if it's somewhere obvious. :P Also, it'd be nice if they need to give us a way to rate our experiences...
  20. Coastie

    Uber to allow Riders to rate, mid-trip

    Found this today. Wonder when Oz will get it? http://fortune.com/2018/05/14/uber-mid-trip-driver-rating/