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  1. MulletMan


    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KCRgZAlMqrHaWe0_g-5TrTOXwqRc-2JD9JiQ9wlrwkY/edit?usp=sharing Easy spreadsheet to figure out who (you know who) screwed you yesterday if your rating should happen to drop from day to day. The red cells can be changed.
  2. Michelle M

    Poor rating on my first Uber Trip

    Hi Everyone, New Uber Driver and Forum member here. Is it usual to receive a poor rating on your first Uber trip?. This happened to me today. I was a little unsure and my GPS would not cancel out directions to the pick up point and, admittedly I did pull over several times to try and cancel this.
  3. R

    Bad ratings

    So, have done 80 trips in my 1st 5 days, mostly in the Chicago downtown at night, where GPS is spotty and I don't know my way around very well. 63 trips were rated, 57 five stars. Rating is now at 4.91. What concerns me is the downward trajectory, my first trips I did in the suburbs, at 5...