1. Uberingen

    Can riders know what we rated them?

    I’ve been driving for a while and still not sure of it, because everytime I give someone other than a 5 star my rating also goes down after a few more ratings (karma¿). What is the curent situation on this -the forum has conflicting answers. 1. Can the pax know what we rated them? 2. When...
  2. G

    Rider rating

    Why would any driver rate the rider 5 stars for a trip when they know the rider doesn't give drivers 5 stars ? If drivers are not giving out free bottles of water or mints or provide mobile charging cables or aux connectivity, you will definitely not be getting 5 stars from the rider. So why...
  3. Jadwiga Basecki

    Something is going on with the ratings.

    I have been driving since Jan 2018, 6 month, full time, in Binghamton NY. For some time now my rating kept at 4.83. As far as I remember this was my highest. My very first rider in Jan (drunk) started me off with one star. I drove with many wonderful ppl since and got almost 1000 5-star ratings...
  4. SoCalGabbieCash

    One Star

    Uber has the ratings system rigged against drivers. I've gotten the conversation flag just for talking in general. Uber doesn't like us giving pax poor ratings because it makes it hard for them to get picked up. Oh well guess what Uber? I don't care anymore. Rude = 1 star. Leaving trash = 1...
  5. Mista T

    Bad rating, so unfair!

    My ratings have all been five stars for the longest time. But last week I got a lower rating and I think I know who it was. It was SO UNFAIR!!! I screenshotted the surge that was taking place all around me. I showed it to a pax and complained about not making enough money. The pax went on and...
  6. kd_w

    Unfair rating

    I'm a part-time new Uber driver. I clean my car everyday and I'm polite to every customer include those who are rude. I know I shouldn't do it, but I still keep checking my rating constantly. I just received an one star rating which I think it's unfair. The rating is given me after I stopped...
  7. Vishnu643

    Can you guys leave custom message when rating on Uber?

    Apparently I heard when you put other as a reason for your rating a passenger on Uber, you can write a custom reason. I've been dying for the longest time to say people keep slamming my door but I can never write anything? Customer service said to just restart the app but that didn't do...
  8. C

    Starting out as a favourable rider (unique circumstances here)

    Hello readers. I'm about to ask you something that I know is pretty subjective and opinion based, so I realize you can only give me subjective and opinion based answers here. In a nut shell I want to ask how you guys would personally rate and interact with me if I were your passenger given my...
  9. Mista T

    Got a bad rating, feeling butthurt

    Someone gave me a 1 star rating, and it was so UNFAIR!!!! I need to file a report or something. Is this the right form to use?
  10. B

    Rating rises slowly but falls down quickly

    No matter how many 5 stars I get, my rating climbs slowly, BUT when someone gives me a 1 star or a 2 star, the rating goes down quickly, I have got 114 rated trips out of which 5 Star - 98 4 Star - 8 3 Star - 3 2 Star -2 1 Star - 3 I have done UBERing for 18 days though. What can I do about...
  11. Gone_in_60_seconds

    What is lowest Uber Passenger Rating you have seen or picked up?

    Hello Uber Drivers, Was driving in the am rush hour and got an Uber request, I looked at the rating of the passenger and it was 3.96. Definitely not touching this with a 10 foot pole, no matter how high the surge is! What was the lowest rating you have seen or picked up? Lyft doesn't apply...
  12. G

    Changing passenger rating?

    I was under the impression we could go back and change a passenger rating? Emailed Uber support to do so and I was informed they wouldn’t change it, but would no longer pair me with the passenger. So I’m in Williamsville doing a drop off last night when I get a ping from the airport (rare, I...
  13. Pax Collector

    Lyft ratings change

  14. Mista T

    Decent pax, low rating

    Picked up a 4.13 today from a hotel. He was out and in my car in under 20 seconds. 20 minute freeway drive. No tip. Man was from Singapore but uses ubers when in states. His English was somewhat broken, but not bad. Not sure why he was rated so low.
  15. SoCalGabbieCash

    New App, New Drama & reinforced rider shenanigans

    Download and familiarize yourself with the new Uber app. Gone: *ratings tracker *Fare details *Uber navigation Uber doesn't do anything that doesn't benefit itself or the rider. Can't track how many trips were rated so we can't narrow down who rated us poorly. No more...
  16. Mista T

    Uber rating different from what pax sees

    Strange thing happened today. Picked up a guy who was aware of his rating, we got talking on the subject. I asked him what my rating was. He looked it up and said 4.90. My rating is 4.93. I checked it after the ride, and Uber app again showed 4.93. Not sure why he saw a lower number. Anyone...
  17. S

    Ratings !!!!!!

    Hi All I am new in the uber world and please advise if ratings impact the uber job requests ? Less rating, less jobs and vice versa ? Please provide your input Regards,
  18. T

    I had no idea I was doing such a fantastic job! Complements are pouring in!!!

    This afternoon I decided to check my rating on the ratings tab after almost 1 year and I was like whaaat!?
  19. D

    What is your Star rating.

    Newbie here on the forum. 1 year and a half on uber. 5000+ rides. My rating is 4.97. as of 3.25.18, which i think is good. I do Lyft too and my rating is much worse lol. wait for it... its 4.6 but only 34 rides. Those 34 rides was in the beginning when i signed up for both and i figure i would...