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  1. Kurt Halfyard

    Did LYFT up their STACKED RIDE lever in GTA?

    Saturday and Sunday this weekend had a lot of 'stacked queued' rides on LYFT. (Although Friday was just as busy, not I did not experience any of this stacking.) Like METRO3 , I dislike LYFT's stacking of rides because it 'automatically accepts' them. I cannot see either PAX RATING or PICK-UP...
  2. Dara khosrowshahi

    Rate me.

    Your honest feedbacks are appreciated!
  3. Cantina00

    2nd Post~ I Like Uber~ Retailitory Rating??

    Hi Neighbors,, I drive in Southern Jersey,,, 215 trips 4.6 rating I got a 3 star rating today,, uuggghh Anyhow my question for the day is,,,,,,???????? Can a passenger give you a Retaliatory Star rating?????? The short story is I had a very bad rider this afternoon,, very demanding, she...
  4. Willjohnsdrive

    Rating Passengers in LYFT

    I am curious as to how folks rate their passengers. What makes you give 4 stars 3 stars ect. ?
  5. FormerTaxiDriver♧

    I gave her a chance to repent, but she was too entitled

    I told her we get paid less than minimum wage for waiting, and she grabbed a shopping cart and pursued!
  6. Mista T

    My 1star for the week

    Gotta get that one star rating from a pax at least once a week, right? Pickup a 28 yo woman going less than a mile. She is on the phone. The convo sounds like this: "Sam... I love you ... I'm not coming over... you are wasted, babe... honey, you're so drunk... no, really, I love you... no...
  7. LA_Uber_Driver

    Is this something new on the Uber App, please help????

    I hadn’t done uber in almost two months, and now that I’m back I notice that apparently I can’t see what’s the passangers ratings anymore, as you can see on the screenshot attached. All I’m seeing is that the score is 4 point something, so for all oknow the score could be 4.1 or 4.2, is this...
  8. Halfmybrain

    Uber Newbie One-Starred me!*

    I picked up a waitress for her first solo ride. She did everything right at pickup. We had a pleasant conversation about Uber riding. As we neared her stop, she asked if I would help her with the ride-end process. She told me she intended to give me $5 cash AND $5 in the app. At her...
  9. M

    Is it true rider gets refund for a 1 star rating?

    I received a 1 star rating tonight and later i found out the rider paid almost 25 bucks for a very short trip due to surge. Does the rider really get a full refund just because he rated me 1 star?
  10. BurgerTiime

    According to economic views; UBER’s valuation is “closer to ZERO”

    Full article: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-employment-uber-breakingviews/breakingviews-hadas-six-economic-reasons-to-hate-uber-idUSKCN1MZ246 Six economic reasons to hate Uber Many economists love Uber. They look at the quasi-taxi company’s aggressive disruption of local monopolies as a...
  11. Kurt Halfyard

    LYFT vs. UBER on Ratings Adjustment

    The story behind a 1* rating I received today. I picked up a couple ladies who were going from North West corner of Mississauga to the Absolute Towers (The Marilyns) because they had a spa appointment. Daughter comes out to the car after 2 minutes. Says her mom will be along shortly. 3-4...
  12. Mista T

    Not what I expected

    Taking a pax somewhere, a text comes in. At the stop sign I looked at it. No traffic anywhere around at the time. Next stop sign I responded to the text by using the microphone and saying 3 words. Got a reply, at the next stop sign I glanced at it. Pax says "I would appreciate it if you would...
  13. ibeam23

    Low rated pax

    Got this ping today and I did take the ride. It was a businesswoman from Toronto. She was polite but I sensed her self-entitlement within seconds as she put her carry-on luggage behind my car and quickly jumped into the backseat. Ride was pleasant. She tried to make small talk but wasn't...
  14. I

    To the person who gave me a 3-star...

    I know this person 100% won't see this but oh well...I got my first non 5 star last night and I am pretty sure I know who it was. I had checked my profile prior to my last 2 trips of the night and it was still a 5 star (ive only done like 30 trips). The one pax was a nice dude, sat up front...
  15. I

    No Tip = 4 star?

    I've been driving for 5 days now and I've received 3 tips. 2 in app, 1 cash. So far I have given all riders 5 stars. They are been nice, some have talked to me the whole ride, some keep to themselves. Some rides I honestly don't feel a need for a tip, but there 2 rides last night that got me...
  16. M

    Can the passenger still enter tips if they gave you below 5 star rating?

    this passenger gave me a tip but rated me 4 star. I check my rating after the tip sync into my earning and thats when I notice the 4 star rating. why would he still tip me if he gave me a 4 star? it doesnt make any sense smh.
  17. DrivingThe916

    Rating isn't being updated

    I've noticed that my rating hasn't updated ever since the new app update. Anyone else notice this?
  18. B

    Beware of "Madison" from Woburn.

    Picked up "Madison" in Brighton Center the other night. Per usual I confirmed her name.."Madison" and that she was headed to Woburn. Asked if she had a preferred route and she said no. Took her 90W to 95N. Along ride I heard her mention her phone bill was over $400. Nothing out of ordinary...
  19. S

    Anyone else having trouble rating passengers low on the new Uber app?

    I tried to 1 Star a few folks last night and report with tags like other and attitude but the app doesn’t seem to like it when I rate Uber passengers anything below 5 stars. I see that once I hit 1 Star and hit the tags, it doesn’t seem to do anything. And instead of the complete rating rider...
  20. Uberingen

    Can riders know what we rated them?

    I’ve been driving for a while and still not sure of it, because everytime I give someone other than a 5 star my rating also goes down after a few more ratings (karma¿). What is the curent situation on this -the forum has conflicting answers. 1. Can the pax know what we rated them? 2. When...