1. G

    How do you destory a competitor or a company like Uber ?

    By using its own system and processes against them. One of Uber's weaknesses is its rating system. Because of the sheer number of transactions, Uber can't possibly investigate all complaints in a timely manner or in any detail. They rely on feedback and make assumptions. Uber's competitors have...
  2. Willjohnsdrive

    Navigating the Lyft Driver App

    I have seen several posts that have screenshots showing how much the pax paid for the ride and what their cut was. I have also seen where someone posted a shot of their star ratings, you know it gives a breakdown on the stars received and show notes left by the pax. In one I know I saw someone...
  3. Kurt Halfyard

    Did LYFT up their STACKED RIDE lever in GTA?

    Saturday and Sunday this weekend had a lot of 'stacked queued' rides on LYFT. (Although Friday was just as busy, not I did not experience any of this stacking.) Like METRO3 , I dislike LYFT's stacking of rides because it 'automatically accepts' them. I cannot see either PAX RATING or PICK-UP...
  4. Dara khosrowshahi

    Rate me.

    Your honest feedbacks are appreciated!
  5. Cantina00

    2nd Post~ I Like Uber~ Retailitory Rating??

    Hi Neighbors,, I drive in Southern Jersey,,, 215 trips 4.6 rating I got a 3 star rating today,, uuggghh Anyhow my question for the day is,,,,,,???????? Can a passenger give you a Retaliatory Star rating?????? The short story is I had a very bad rider this afternoon,, very demanding, she...
  6. Willjohnsdrive

    Rating Passengers in LYFT

    I am curious as to how folks rate their passengers. What makes you give 4 stars 3 stars ect. ?
  7. FormerTaxiDriver♧

    I gave her a chance to repent, but she was too entitled

    I told her we get paid less than minimum wage for waiting, and she grabbed a shopping cart and pursued!
  8. Mista T

    My 1star for the week

    Gotta get that one star rating from a pax at least once a week, right? Pickup a 28 yo woman going less than a mile. She is on the phone. The convo sounds like this: "Sam... I love you ... I'm not coming over... you are wasted, babe... honey, you're so drunk... no, really, I love you... no...
  9. LA_Uber_Driver

    Is this something new on the Uber App, please help????

    I hadn’t done uber in almost two months, and now that I’m back I notice that apparently I can’t see what’s the passangers ratings anymore, as you can see on the screenshot attached. All I’m seeing is that the score is 4 point something, so for all oknow the score could be 4.1 or 4.2, is this...
  10. Halfmybrain

    Uber Newbie One-Starred me!*

    I picked up a waitress for her first solo ride. She did everything right at pickup. We had a pleasant conversation about Uber riding. As we neared her stop, she asked if I would help her with the ride-end process. She told me she intended to give me $5 cash AND $5 in the app. At her...
  11. M

    Is it true rider gets refund for a 1 star rating?

    I received a 1 star rating tonight and later i found out the rider paid almost 25 bucks for a very short trip due to surge. Does the rider really get a full refund just because he rated me 1 star?
  12. BurgerTiime

    According to economic views; UBER’s valuation is “closer to ZERO”

    Full article: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-employment-uber-breakingviews/breakingviews-hadas-six-economic-reasons-to-hate-uber-idUSKCN1MZ246 Six economic reasons to hate Uber Many economists love Uber. They look at the quasi-taxi company’s aggressive disruption of local monopolies as a...
  13. Kurt Halfyard

    LYFT vs. UBER on Ratings Adjustment

    The story behind a 1* rating I received today. I picked up a couple ladies who were going from North West corner of Mississauga to the Absolute Towers (The Marilyns) because they had a spa appointment. Daughter comes out to the car after 2 minutes. Says her mom will be along shortly. 3-4...
  14. Mista T

    Not what I expected

    Taking a pax somewhere, a text comes in. At the stop sign I looked at it. No traffic anywhere around at the time. Next stop sign I responded to the text by using the microphone and saying 3 words. Got a reply, at the next stop sign I glanced at it. Pax says "I would appreciate it if you would...
  15. ibeam23

    Low rated pax

    Got this ping today and I did take the ride. It was a businesswoman from Toronto. She was polite but I sensed her self-entitlement within seconds as she put her carry-on luggage behind my car and quickly jumped into the backseat. Ride was pleasant. She tried to make small talk but wasn't...
  16. I

    To the person who gave me a 3-star...

    I know this person 100% won't see this but oh well...I got my first non 5 star last night and I am pretty sure I know who it was. I had checked my profile prior to my last 2 trips of the night and it was still a 5 star (ive only done like 30 trips). The one pax was a nice dude, sat up front...
  17. I

    No Tip = 4 star?

    I've been driving for 5 days now and I've received 3 tips. 2 in app, 1 cash. So far I have given all riders 5 stars. They are been nice, some have talked to me the whole ride, some keep to themselves. Some rides I honestly don't feel a need for a tip, but there 2 rides last night that got me...
  18. M

    Can the passenger still enter tips if they gave you below 5 star rating?

    this passenger gave me a tip but rated me 4 star. I check my rating after the tip sync into my earning and thats when I notice the 4 star rating. why would he still tip me if he gave me a 4 star? it doesnt make any sense smh.
  19. DrivingThe916

    Rating isn't being updated

    I've noticed that my rating hasn't updated ever since the new app update. Anyone else notice this?
  20. B

    Beware of "Madison" from Woburn.

    Picked up "Madison" in Brighton Center the other night. Per usual I confirmed her name.."Madison" and that she was headed to Woburn. Asked if she had a preferred route and she said no. Took her 90W to 95N. Along ride I heard her mention her phone bill was over $400. Nothing out of ordinary...