rating system

  1. METRO3

    Unfair Rating system

    Does anyone else think its absolutely unfair that if a pax is rude and or obnoxious and we have to kick them out of the car that they their rating of you, which no doubly will be a 1 star, still counts towards your rating? Also why is it fair to get a one star for criticizing a pax for not...
  2. Wolfehowl

    Rating System

    Anyone else notice a major problem with the rating system? I give 40+ rides a week, get maybe 10 rated rides, 9 of which are 5-star, and my rating keeps dropping. Pax are @@@@@@@@, we all know that, but all it takes is one 1-star rating out of 40+ rides to kill your rating. I think that every...
  3. tomatopaste

    Uber's toxic/adversarial rating system makes it less safe for passengers, not more.

    Uber likes to tout their rating system as an added safety measure for passengers; just the opposite. Uber knows two things: 1. Passengers can demand extras, like stopping at 7/11, without any additional compensation because many drivers fear a poor rating. 2. Passengers will, and do, use...
  4. bulli-2516

    I Wish Uber would fix the rider pickup problems!!

    I have constantly complained about Riders who use the PIN to point to their pickup location & NOT checking. So much time is wasted trying to find the rider, being sent to the wrong address or even the wrong street in some cases. Why should they not be made to enter an actual pickup address or...
  5. Ron1984s

    False rating and Uber won't do anything about it

    I have been driving with Uber for a month I have never received a complaint from anyone about the condition of my vehicle I even have a nice and tidy badge I always have people tell me how clean and nice my car is yet I just received a one-star rating that took me from a 4.94 down to a 4.89...
  6. Maven

    What Difference a High Rating?

    Many drivers on this forum like to brag about their 4.99 (or high) average rating. I have no problem with that. They work hard to maintain their exulted average rating. What I'd like to know is, aside from personal pride and bragging rights, what is the benefit of a 4.99 rating as opposed to...
  7. R

    LYFT Ratings tanking everyday and riders not rating

    I drove Uber for a year and my ratings never tanked this fast. On Lyft it seems that a lot of people are ether not leaving any rating or only angry passengers are leaving a rating based on how my rating falls a few points everyday... most people seem perfectly happy with me, I am friendly and...
  8. suland

    How to get 5 stars rating - tutorial

    Looks legit, have fun! :)
  9. Edman

    I hate when passengers say..........

    I greet all my passengers getting into my car. But after they get in, I try to be friendly and I ask them, how was their day or how are they doing today? And the first thing they say is, “It was a terrible day....... or worst day in my life!!” Or they ignore your greetings altogether and say...
  10. PinoyDriver

    Lyft rating system

    Hello, I've started driving for lyft beginning of August and continued from there doing full/part time job. I was wondering at what point do you get when you get emails from lyft saying that you're close to deactivation. Just earlier this week I've managed to keep a 4.7 and now I went down to...
  11. Edman

    What's Going On? Picked Up 4 trips today.....Is this Normal?

    What's Going on? Picked up 4 trips early this morning. By noon it showed I received 5 stars from All 4 Trips. But now those 4 trips are all gone. Back to yesterday’s Grand Total Trip. Is the Norm?
  12. James78

    Question about Reported Issues in Rider Feedback

    Hello fellow Uber Drivers, I'm relatively new to Uber as a driver and I have actually have two questions? 1.) I've emailed uber support with a couple of different questions but never got a response. I've checked my spam and verified my email address. Is uber support real? I've found most...
  13. IERide

    Why so many "not rated"?

    Why are so many rides "not rated"? Doesn't the rider-app force them to rate the ride at the end of the trip, the next time they open the app or before they can order their next ride?
  14. M

    Rate Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and his top management team

    The rating system is a big part of how Uber operates. Riders rate drivers. Drivers rate riders. Riders and drivers even rate customer representatives, but users of the app, especially drivers, don't have any input on how good of a job CEO Travis Kalanick and his top management does in...
  15. UberNOT4me

    If you are a foreigner and use your real name, what's your driver rating?

    From personal experience. I am from Middle East, when I first started driving, I used my actual name which is in Arabic. By the end of 6 or 7th month, my ratings were down to 4.71, back then I even used to offer free water bottles to paxs. Later, I changed my name in Uber app. I used an...
  16. FAC

    Lyft Support came through for me

    After all the complaints I've read, thought I'd share a happy ending to a bad ride. I picked up a pax and it was one of those rides that nothing could go right. Then Waze sent me on a crazy route adding 7 miles to the trip. After I dropped off the pax I contacted Lyft support to tell them what...
  17. UberNOT4me

    90% 5 Star ratings but according to Uber it below average.

    I have been driving a lot less for Uber ever since the recent rate cuts. I used to drive 75% Uber & 25% Lyft. Now I do 10% Uber and 90% Lyft. So today I get my weekly email from Uber. I have probably done around 25 - 30 trips in the last 2 weeks and as you can see only 21 passengers rated me...
  18. Y

    Rating System SUCKS

    Who agree that Uber Rating System is FAR from being accurate and fair. As Uber Select Driver we have to maintain a 4.7 rating . Many Riders rate carelessly, or think 4 stars is great, while if most rate 4 stars you would be deactivated in no times. The biggest issue with the rating system is...
  19. Lawrence Levitt

    I am a new uber driver got suspended

    Hi all i was working for uber in the Greenville SC market and did 47 completed trips of which only 30 was rated and just 17 at the 5 stars and my rating dropped to 4.1 so my account got deactivated and was told i need to take a class that will cost money i can't afford just because someone rated...
  20. C

    Uber Screw your RATING SYSTEM!

    I'm just gonna start ignoring it! I was giving everyone 5 Stars..not anymore..I'm only handing out 5 Stars to my tippers..PERIOD!