rating matter?

  1. Initial D

    Rise above the player haters (pax who rate drivers poorly for poor reasons)

    I feel like this relates to some us drivers when we unfairly received bad ratings for things out of our control, but we just brush the dust off our shoulders and life goes on.
  2. A

    Have fun playing Christian ApologetiX Parody Music

    Christians have a problem playing music that conflicts with their beliefs. They also are mandated to share their faith Acts 1:8. With gentleness and respect 1 Peter 3:16-22. In other words not shove in down someone's throat. I have been using a Spotify ApologetiX playlist to accomplish the...
  3. Dobson73

    Ratings not updating

    I called Uber this morning to report that for the last 2-3 months my ratings numbers haven't changed at all. I find it impossible to believe that no passenger has given me a rating and my numbers have frozen. Seems I'm the 2nd driver to have called with this issue in the last 24 hours. Is...
  4. IERide

    What’s YOUR rating?

    After reading a few other threads where other drivers mention their ratings (from 4.58 to 4.96) it got me wondering what most drivers’ ratings are.. I know, i know “ratings dont matter”, so no need to post that.. I’m just curious.. I still have a few 1’s or 2’s hanging on from my first few...
  5. DeplorableDonald

    Is Uber "auctioning off" your good rating to riders?

    Another driver was telling me about something that, while I haven't heard of it, would make sense from Uber's perspective. The basics as I understand it are you have 2 drivers (hypothetically speaking) Jo3030 with a 4.95 rating and yankdog with a 4.67 rating. Rider requests a ride and gets a...