rating changes back and forth

  1. R

    Ratings crash from 100% to 82% in a single day.

    Recently started uber eats on a bicycle, 36 trips with one feedback of 'Did not come to door'. Rating was still unaffected at 100%. A few days later i.e today, I accidentally tapped the order not ready while collecting pizza for dropoff. Ratings crashed at 82% now. Is that a glitch or should...
  2. Maven

    Are Drivers So Petty?

    Please take the poll. http://gizmodo.com/some-uber-drivers-are-changing-rider-ratings-in-retalia-1797597564 Some Uber Drivers Are Changing Rider Ratings in Retaliation for Bad Reviews August 7 2017 by Jennings Brown You might want to think twice before giving a driver a low rating. It could...
  3. M

    Why do riders expect so much for a $3.75 fare?

    They will give 1 star for a 2 block ride? My car is clean and I'm polite at all times, so what is going on?
  4. Maven

    Ratings will be last 100 trips as of 3/29

    Seen something like this on your driver-App recently? Supposedly, being tested in selected (I don't know which) New Jersey cities along with Pittsburgh, Dallas and Denver. Expect your current rating, now based on the last 500 rated trips to change. Hopefully up, but don't count on it. An...
  5. U

    Lyft pax crack me up.

    Keep in mind: I use Uber and Lyft within the same day and never accept Lyft Line or 10+ min away requests. I also opt down into UberX for surges. Oddly enough, I've never gotten any complaints from Uber pax during the same time period... Now I can really relate to some of the criticisms...
  6. MulletMan


    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KCRgZAlMqrHaWe0_g-5TrTOXwqRc-2JD9JiQ9wlrwkY/edit?usp=sharing Easy spreadsheet to figure out who (you know who) screwed you yesterday if your rating should happen to drop from day to day. The red cells can be changed.
  7. K

    My Uber Rating Strategy.

    Hey fellow drivers, I drive in NYC on UberX. NYC have some of the worst people ever. My ratings were going down fast about 3 weeks ago, I found myself having a rating of 4.62 and was panicking more than usual, but I stepped up my game and strategy. Here is what I'm doing right now and it...
  8. H

    Falling rating with better car

    I'm terribly worried about my ratings. When I first started with Uber I had a 2003 Nissan with no working radio and no AC. During that three week period I maintained a 4.95 rating. Here's my dilemma, I in danger of being deactivated. Two weeks ago I was able to purchase a new vehicle, 2013...
  9. J

    Do riders see how the drivers rate them?

    Also, i see my driver rating but can i see the individual ratings and not just the cumulative rating? Thanks
  10. A

    My rating went from 5.0 to 4.75 and back to 5.0 in 24 hours

    As many of you already know, Uber support people are masters of the art of non-answer answers. The old adage...If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullsh!t...seems to be the M.O. for Uber support. So maybe you guys/gals may know the answer to this mystery. So far...