1. BneDriver

    Sick people making false reports!

    I've been working as Uber driver for more than one year, and this is my only full-time job at the moment. My uber account has 9.5 rating with very positive comments. Recently I started getting very bad reports!! Reports like: And that's makes me so upset, so dispointed, It makes me feel...
  2. A

    Have fun playing Christian ApologetiX Parody Music

    Christians have a problem playing music that conflicts with their beliefs. They also are mandated to share their faith Acts 1:8. With gentleness and respect 1 Peter 3:16-22. In other words not shove in down someone's throat. I have been using a Spotify ApologetiX playlist to accomplish the...
  3. Benjamin M

    5 star or 1 star

    And nothing in between. Never a reason for the 1 stars. Going on two months, thoughts?
  4. Z

    Can I cancel a trip after trip begin?

    Yesterday I had a drunk man on my car, I am not going to say what happened here. At the end, I asked him out of my car. I selected "trip completed" at a parking lot (not destination). I rated him 1 star and he also rated me 1 star in front of me. It was only $3, I would rather not take the...
  5. Z

    How to prevent bad rating from bad customer?

    Yesterday I had a very bad customer. I am not going to say what she did here. At the end of the trip, I needed to rate her. I wanted to give her one star, but I was afraid that she saw her new rating in her app and gave me a one star back So I gave her five stars. What I can do to prevent...
  6. pizza guy

    Eats and Google reviews

    Periodically I'll do Eats and when customers are topping it's better great. Uber asks us to give thumbs up or thumbs down for the business. That seems kind of basic and pointless. I do the local guides thing on Google and periodically get some nice perks like a New York Times subscription or...
  7. ShannonT

    Rating BS

    I wish I could see which ride gave me 2star. I believe people have a BS why to rate. They have no idea we can lose the right to driver
  8. Mista T

    Lyft rating up, down, sideways....

    Saturday morning my daily summary says my Lyft rating was 4.87. A bit low for me, but whatever. Sunday morning the summary gave me a rating of 4.82. Uh oh, lost five stars, guess I will see some negative feedback on my weekly thing. Monday's summary, I am 4.89. 7 star jump. Easy come, easy...
  9. J

    Saw my rating drop from 4.68 to 4.65 this week

    So yes, saw my rating drop from 4.68 to 4.65 this week. I don't know what I did bad this week, I was driving the same way as I always do. For some reason, I only got 4's and 3's with 2 dbags reporting me for "professionalism" when I wasn't even doing anything. As always, I greet them when they...
  10. AVLien

    I was criticized for my "professionalism".?

    I wear a nice shirt & tie. I play Beethoven. I open doors for pax. My car is spotless. It would be very nice if we could know who criticized us & why. Just knowing my "professionalism could have been better" doesn't tell me anything. My professionalism is on point. Could this have been from a...
  11. Uberboyz

    What the hell is wrong with lyft pax?

    Barely can get 4.7 rating. Lyft sends emails to improve rating but it is impossible. Forever stock in 4.6-4.7 with them. Uber rating is never lower than 4.9, juno 4.88. Lyft passengers expect a friendly clown on the wheels? [email protected]$k them, cheap pieces of crap:mad:
  12. U

    Received the attached email on December 8

    Has been deleted
  13. AP92

    Offending "Free Amenities"

    Tired of giving away cold bottled water, gum, mints,Aux cord cell phone chargers and being everyone's @@@@@ for nothing everyday I drive for Goober these shitty passangers want these amenities for a $4 trip up the street. From now I'm going to stop giving everyone free stuff for nothing in...
  14. D

    Can't Pax know/figure how you rated them and then rate you?

    Since passengers are not taking rides often as drivers it would be simpler to figure out how the driver rated them. E.g. a passenger before a trip has a rating of 4.5 after 4 rides. Then after they take your ride (their 5th rise), you rate them 1 star, so their new rating ((4.5*4 + 1)/5) is...
  15. L


    I'm still new I have 18 lifetime trips 16 rated trips 13 5 star trips I was at 4.83 when I went offline today now when I pull it up I've dropped to a 4.75 WTH? I'm nice to people I talk if they are open I know I've had a couple confusions on pick up/drop offs on the Vegas strip it's...
  16. Laz Yoldlug

    Why isn't Uber Technologies / Rasier LLC held to a higher standard.

    Uber subjects it's Partners to a 5 star satisfaction rating system. To drive Uber Select you must maintain a rating average of 4.75 or higher. Uber claims that Top Partners are averaging a rating of 4.86. How ironic and ridiculous is the 4.75 standard, when Uber itself only earns a 4.3...
  17. MulletMan


    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KCRgZAlMqrHaWe0_g-5TrTOXwqRc-2JD9JiQ9wlrwkY/edit?usp=sharing Easy spreadsheet to figure out who (you know who) screwed you yesterday if your rating should happen to drop from day to day. The red cells can be changed.
  18. Bill Collector

    Reasons why I didn't get 5 stars......

    Although I can't really prove, I have a hunch these are couple of reasons why I got dinged: 1. Parked in the wrong side of the street and pax had to walk to get in the car. It was one way so I could not do U. 2. Got in the middle of the conversation with couple of female pax. Now I keep...
  19. pizza guy

    Help Chicago get back the ability to view customer ratings

    Here's thread I started on the subject:https://uberpeople.net/threads/viewing-passenger-ratings.46961/#post-624940 Here a link to an article written by a member of the Chicago Tribune editorial...
  20. pizza guy

    Viewing passenger ratings

    I know this was addressed a few weeks back but I wanted to know if anyone in the Chicago market can view passenger ratings. I think we all know we lost the ability to view ratings so that we don't cherry pick and so there is no perception of ratings being linked to protected classes resulting in...