1. SuzeCB

    Discussion of 3695 as it Applies Today

    There are certain aspects of this law that stick in my craw when I consider how Uber is doing things right now. Particularly with regard to upfront pricing and what we actually get paid. Following is a paragraph copied directly from 3695 regarding how a TNC collects a fare from the rider on...
  2. Canteev

    180 days of change

    Of the changes Uber has made, the only one I care about is upfront pricing. Anything else, I've mostly been hurt by, e.g., taking away the six filters. I see Uber is again proclaiming how it's helping the driver make more by charging more for cancellation fee, for picking up a pax from far...
  3. bradleyf81

    When you're feeling sad about earnings

    Remember that it could be worse:
  4. Buddywannarideagain

    Has anyone been to green light hub ?

    if so, any word on rates in this city ? I can’t even drive anymore. And I’m an experienced 2,000 ride plus driver.
  5. Liwaroman

    Uber rates in Pittsburgh

    When I looked online before driving in Pittsburgh all the websites said the base rate was $1.30 and the minimum fare was $5.00. Yesterday was my first day driving in. Pittsburgh and I found out the real base rate is $1.04 and the minimum was $4.40. Does anyone know any reliable website I can...
  6. UberAnt39

    UberPool rates going up...

    What Lyft does today, Uber does tomorrow... Starting today, we've increased rates for time and distance on Lyft Line rides nationwide - they now match original Lyft, wherever you drive.
  7. C

    So how is USelect working for all you UBlack driver's?

    EOFY so looking at trade in/trade up options. I'm assuming all you Uber Black driver's are nailing it now with USelect...care to share?
  8. zarevna

    Where/ When?

    Started working a couple of weeks ago. Had great Fri/ Sat night $$$, around Buckhead and Midtown. Unfortunately, on the regular days I just have no idea where to go to at least get customers (sometimes I just drive around and wait for more than 30 mins...). Where would the masters recommend me...
  9. Maven

    Lyft in LI - Southampton Primo

    UPDATED rates here. _______ How is driving for Lyft in Long Island compared to Uber? Is Lyft your primary, supplemental, or worthless? Rates in both Nassau County and Suffolk County are both identical to NYC, but Southampton has significantly higher rates. If close to Southampton, is it...
  10. jdlewis5293

    How is Peoria during the summer when school is out?

    I drive in Bloomington-Normal in the school year where I make very good wages when driving the Thursday, Friday, Saturday bar shift during the school year. Now that it's summer, I'm averaging $15 an hour, which compared to the school year, that's super low. Is the bar shift in Peoria any...
  11. D

    Lyft Uber Miami rates

    Can someone please explain how South Florida Area has some of the lowest rates and or bonuses in the country. Its one of the biggest tourist destinations in the country. Its not cheap to live here. Tourists aren't going to stop taking uber and lyft if they increase rates. They are still...
  12. Libraguy1919

    AR & CR FAQ

    Moved thread.
  13. BurgerTiime

    US Gas Prices Rise 9 Cents to $2.43 a Gallon but no pay increase

    http://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/2017/04/10/us-gas-prices-rise-9-cents-to-2-43-gallon.html The average price of a gallon of regular-grade gasoline rose 9 cents nationally over the past two weeks, to $2.43. Industry analyst Trilby Lundberg said Sunday that increased oil prices and the...
  14. beach driver

    Has surge changed with new rates?

    I just drove for 5 hours tonight, March 30-31. Noticed with the new rates it didn't surge much. I would think this is because - More people driving with new rates (testing it out) -Slow Thursday, kind of cold -Riders using other transportation because mad about rates (highly doubt) Whatever it...
  15. Edman

    Uber May Have to Raise Rates by 20%?!

  16. dirtylee

    TK argues with driver about falling fares

    The action starts at 4:00 minutes. Thank you both Bloomberg https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-02-28/in-video-uber-ceo-argues-with-driver-over-falling-fares & the driver.
  17. joffie

    Its just not worth it

    Well, after over a year of driving and owing the tax office around $3K ($2100 income tax 2016 + $995 Q4 GST + PAYG Income tax installment) I have decided that UBER driving is just not worth it in 2017. You actually end up losing lots of what you earn, and even though we get GST credits, after...
  18. Uberdriver_Orlando

    WTF! Surge duration and amount

    How is it possible the surge in our busy town never last.. Also how come we can't hit the high @@@@ing surges. Come on UBER! Get real stop killing Orlando market for real quality drivers. Use that 3 million you're using to help illegals drive for uber with 24/7 legal support and compensate...
  19. B

    What is the Uber rate in Raleigh?

    in Charlotte he rate is a mere 75cts a mile. What is the Raleigh rate ?
  20. BurgerTiime

    UberX about to get a lot more saturated

    Was at Starbucks and there was a black SUV with LM plates parked just outside. I figured by the suit he was the driver. He made a comment about the banana bread and that sparked a convo. I asked him if he does Uber. He said he does but it's totally dead and luckily he has clients that keep him...