1. O

    Bay Area rates lower to .85 outside SF city

    They Just lowered Rates to .85 a mile in one of the most expense places to live. Do not accept new rates. I am not accept and will not be driving any more staring work on get reimbursed for miles will be filing with IRS and State for employee status. Uber has to much control can change rates at...
  2. UberXking

    Forced to accept Pool in San Francisco

    Fewest cars in the lot in 6 months. Bombarded by pool requests that I ignore. Then put on 15 min probation. Guess Uber thinks I'm an employee. I like busting my but for family, a good friend or a good employer. Uber doesn't qualify. They have a world changing product, great employees to provide...

    LYFT pax are marking wrong pickup to avoid primetime

    Was at JWAirport in Orange County and LYFT was at a 100% primetime and had three pax in a row after requested pickup all located just outside airport, one was actually on 405 freeway. So text to verify if at airport arrival or address is correct. And they all said at airport and so in...