1. B

    Other Uber Driver's Being Charged "App Maintenance Fee"?

    I recently decided to give the Uber support phone line a call in the Bay Area after reading several articles about how Uber was underpaying fares and over-charging riders. The first few rides I decided to look into all had issues, and Uber even changed 2 of them for me. However, after about 4-6...
  2. UberxGTA

    Gas prices headed toward $1.20/l. What about fares?

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ontario-gas-prices-1.3918571 $1/l driving uber ok $1.20 #uber drivers start looking for other opportunities $1.30 uber prospects?...Don't even think about it! Untenable. Having started driving uber in Sept/14 at $1.30/l, I know how it effects your...
  3. D

    Persistent UberPOOL miscalculations?

    Hello everybody, I'm a local driver here in the Los Angeles County. I recently reviewed one of my Pool trips and noticed something odd. The individual passengers were undercharged based on the distance and time of the trip. UberPOOL rates in the area are: $0.85/ miles $0.11/ minute The...
  4. BurgerTiime

    UBER’S cheap fares are a mirage.

    "Uber would need to quadruple fares to become profitable, expert claims" http://www.news.com.au/finance/business/travel/uber-would-need-to-quadruple-fares-to-become-profitable-expert-claims/news-story/df96001b40f6d9bf0412714e7362b64a
  5. D

    Rate Change

    When did Uber increase the fee from 20% to 25% in the Worcester area? Think it happen this week or last.
  6. Jim54729

    How Profitable do you think you are?

    After paying the Uber fee, and then putting aside 30% for taxes after that, I am profiting about a $1 a mile on average. Set aside .50 cents a mile to put toward your vehicle and now making around 50 cents a mile profit. I have a van, so not the best with gas mileage vs what some of the other...
  7. experiencedesign

    Drivers UNITE!

    Hey Everyone! Do you all know how much UBER is undercutting the TAXI industry and ultimately, YOU? I started driving in The Florida Keys, there are very few drivers comparatively. UBER's mileage rate is $1.80 per mile. In the two months I drove, NO ONE EVER COMPLAINED! UBER should be charging...
  8. UberAnt39

    Careful with the Cancellations

    I don't know if Uber always did this but when the rider cancels they now get asked why, and 2 of the follow ups are 'Did the driver ask you to Cancel' and 'Is the driver going off in the wrong direction'. Since these are the 2 most driver recommended ways on this site of cancelling without...
  9. C

    Beating the 2017 winter slump

    After new years Uber will be lowering prices to heat up demand. Now it will be cheaper to use a Uber instead of owning your own car. Rates will be as low as 30 cents per mile. What this means is you as a parnter will be taking more trips per hour therefore maximizing your earnings. So instead...
  10. DriveMeNot

    UberPool means Bad rating

    Let me start by saying that I don't have any problem with UberPool. I'm gladly accepting all the UberPool requests because I always get incentives and promotions and UberPool actually help me achieve them. Most drivers who complain about UberPool are the ones that don't get any incentives. I...
  11. Mean_Judge

    So what rate is right ?

    I have seen more people complaints about rate is too low, But my question to you guys is what is the right rate for you ? What would be that number that keep driver happy ? Thank you for reply.
  12. Rakos

    figured cost of the ride as negotiated

    OK all you intelligent drivers... here is one for your tin foil hats to contemplate... I was reading one of the TECHNOLOGY SERVICES AGREEMENTS...dated Dec 2015 and noticed these words staring back at me from the abyss... "In addition, the parties acknowledge and agree that as between you and...
  13. @earth_to_jen

    What must be included in any Miami Drivers vs Uber national class action settlement

    The California Massachussets Uber driver settlement leaves the lawyers rich and TNC drivers left between a rock and a hard place with no clarification of what rights drivers are entitled to under the Federal antitrust law called the Sherman Act. The Sherman Act that prevents you from unionizing...
  14. UTX1

    Lyft Cuts rates by another 4 Percent in DFW

  15. Modern-Day-Slavery

    DREAMING?: Uber to announce flat-fee commission rate

    EMPLOYEE LEAK: In breaking news Uber is reportedly introducing a flat-fee commission structure for all drivers. The San Francisco based company will replace the current 20-25% commission rate with a 'booking fee' of 60-90 cents per booking depending on city. The new pricing structure is said to...
  16. NJRed

    Uber Depressed

    I just don't understand what is happening here. I think maybe I am uber depressed. I open the app and see there is surge everywhere on a Friday night at 7 pm. Yet I cannot motivate myself to get into the car and hit the "go online" button. Maybe it is the reality that whenever I am not...
  17. U

    Acceptance rate and hourly guarantee

    I drove 37.73 hours last week with 92 trips and a rating of 4.93. I did not get the hourly guarantee because Uber says my acceptance rate was only 83%. I know I only ignored no more than 10 rides. Uber support says that I'm wrong but wont tell me the number or when I didn't accept the rides. I...
  18. MrPenguinMIA

    UberLUX v UberXL (Disregard )

    I've recenly started driving uber again after a 6 month hiatus. I see the names and rates have change. So i ask, what is better to drive at the moment during the weekdays and weekend nights. In Miami/Broward. UberLUX or UberXL. My LUX vehicle is a 2015 Lincolnl MKS and the XL is a 2013 Chrysler...
  19. mitchnj1

    Why is NJ Shore rate double?

    I'm curious why NJ Shore rate is double everywhere else? I dropped off a passenger at the shore so decided to try and get a fare. But so many other drivers around so I took off.
  20. A

    Uber Thinks I Am Worth 1/3 of a Local Cab Driver?

    I think not. With the recent reduction in fares Uber has shown it's true colors and revealed exactly how they place NO value on "Partners". I maintain my 2015 vehicle in top shape, inside and out, it is always showroom clean, (still has that new car smell, even after hauling 3 crack heads...