1. PukkaD

    Zero rate Uber Eats deliveries?

    Started UE run 6pm Penrith area. 1st delivery request soon after. Food not ready, picked up after short wait. Started delivery. Normal delivery procedure on app. Delivered food. No payment shows. Payment delay? 2nd delivery request soon after. Food not ready, picked up after short wait. Started...
  2. Rye Guy

    Uber and Lyft drivers say apps are short-changing wages while raising fares

    The Guardian reports today: Uber and Lyft drivers say apps are short-changing wages while raising fares Drivers for both ridesharing companies say riders are paying more for price surges, but drivers aren’t receiving extra pay Michael Sainato Thu 18 Apr 2019 11.35 EDT...
  3. H

    Lying Lyft slashes rates - WE MUST REVOLT.

    Lying Lyft has slashed rates, claiming we’ll make “about the same” - “a little more” on short trips, and a little less on long. Total BS, I’ve done the math based on trips I’ve completed, and it’s a lot less all around. WE MUST REVOLT. Like most TNC drivers, I cannot afford to go on strike...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Uber introduces a flat subscription plan called “Ride Pass”

    Full story: https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2018/10/30/18042120/uber-ride-pass-monthly-subscription-cheap-fare For $14.99 a month, riders get flat, heavily discounted fares that can save them 15 percent on travel. Uber has a new plan to lock customers into its transportation ecosystem...
  5. I

    Is UberEats Scamming us drivers (Montréal)

    So i tried to comunicate with uber costumer service but as you may know they are bots. Don’t help you at all, ect... But this moment i don’t know what to do. The pay per km is supposly payed 0,65 cents per km. But in the app is 0,40$ per km... @@@@ this, im getting pay 1,50$ less in each...
  6. A

    Uber feedback from driver re: pay calc

    A copy of my feedback post and help request today. Needless to say, my nethers are chapped.... "Driver was paid $4.63 Uber was paid $5.47 Atlanta Uberx In what universe is this acceptable? The last six of nine rides I completed reflect this payment disparity. That is 66%. Please review your...
  7. Kamel Leroux

    Hourly Rate X

    Hey guys, I was wondering how much an Uber X driver can make per hour, before the 20-25% commission, in Central London (zone 1-2 of the Tube) from Monday to Friday : - on commute hours (roughly 0730-10o0 and 1700-2000)? - on other hours? Best, K.
  8. Uberxxxuk

    Your cancellation and confirmation rate

    Hi there What's your cancellation and confirmation rate at? You can have a look at my rate lol The thing is that I only come out in the busy time hunting big surge or long trips and I call it working smart not hard. I go with 1 full tank a week £35 and I make around £500 - £700 a week by only...
  9. Chapar Kanati

    Can't rate Lyft passengers anymore plus far away pings.

    Hi there. I have noticed that recently Lyft does not display the option for me to rate pax. What's up with that? Also why the hell in a metropolitan area like NYC I get a ping from midtown west while I am on Clinton St in Brooklyn heights. On Lyft during busy times and especially on the...
  10. BurgerTiime

    Can’t wait to one star? Uber will now let you rate your driver mid-trip

    https://www.theverge.com/2018/5/14/17350508/uber-driver-rider-rating-mid-trip Sometimes you know right away when your Uber driver is awesome. Or maybe they quickly reveal themselves to be rather creepy. For those times, Uber will let you rate your driver and leave comments in the middle of a...
  11. asterix

    Hourly wage?

    What’s a ballpark for what to expect for a typical friday/ saturday night? Lately I have been averaging $5 per hour, before gas expenses. I am driving in a dense urban area with bars & nightlife. I’m only driving with Lyft because I messed up with Uber. Anyone have any advice for me?
  12. adilakif

    Is Postmates a scam?

    IRS says costs of operating an automobile is 54 cents/mile. Postmates pays me 58 cents/mile. IRS: https://www.irs.gov/credits-deductions/individuals/standard-mileage-rates-at-a-glance
  13. adilakif

    Do Doordash customer have to rate us after delivery?

    Is it mandatory for them to rate us? When I get a single 1 star rating my overall rating sinks. I feel like customers dont rate when they are happy with the delivery.
  14. R

    Lyft Line fares the same as regular Lyft?

    I haven't driven in a few months. In the time I was away, I saw that Lyft Line now pays the same as regular lyft. Has anyone noticed a difference in pay with the changes? How is it calculated once you get a second ride? Is it worth taking lyft Line now or should I still treat Lyft Line like...
  15. BurgerTiime

    Uber will now let you know when you’re being a total jerk to your driver

    Uber will now let you know when you’re being a total jerk to your driver Behavior modification therapy, via a company that has its share of bad habits The Verge 9/26/17 by Andrew J. [email protected] https://www.theverge.com/2017/9/26/16366104/uber-driver-rider-feedback-rating-pool Uber...
  16. L

    New Tallahassee Driver -- Questions

    I am looking to get started with both Uber and Lyft in Tallahassee. I will only be driving 10-20 hours during peak times. 1. Based on your experience what are the best hours to drive and how much have you made hourly? 2. Do you receive many tips, if so, can you please let me know what your...
  17. Spock B

    UBER X drivers should demand rate rise

    I have driven for Uber for over twelve months and during this time seen the following; Uber discontinues providing monthly 1099. Uber discontinues downloads of fare details. Uber raised their booking fee by almost double. Uber and the city get more for a minimum fare ride than a driver. Uber is...
  18. Anthony Uber

    Not even $20 per hour

    I'm not even earning $20 an hour before I even take into account all the expenses. Is this normal for people?
  19. BurgerTiime

    Wisconsin couple outraged over $900 Uber bill

    http://abc7chicago.com/traffic/wisconsin-couple-outraged-over-$900-uber-bill/2177382/ Update: Uber to refund family all but agreed cost of $214 for Summerfest to Brookfield trip...
  20. F

    Rider Rate matters ! Dear pax read here

    I always see the rate before i accept any request ! i see a lot people in twitter and facebook not sure how uber driver read there perosnlaty based on thier rate here is my reading for you please share in twitter or face book Here is my Rate reading for all pax my 2 years experiences ...