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rate reductions

  1. D Town

    Majority of pax make at least 100K...but lets slash rates and discourage tipping...

    "Pew found that 41% of Americans with annual household income of $100,000 or more have used at least four of the 11 services in the categories like ride-hailing, home-sharing, and crowdsourcing startup projects and products through services like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. This is three times as...
  2. TheJudge

    Rate Cuts Have Forever Changed the Detroit Market

    The ride-share market in Detroit has steadily declined over the past few weeks since the rate cuts. Why are both ride-share companies offering guaranteed hourly rates if you guarantee your hours? What happened to Independent Contractor Status? What happened to set your own hours? LOL. What...
  3. E

    Uber XL slashed by 50%

    Wow. Fares for XL 50% cut!! It's BS. We provide a great service, pile in upto 6 people, offer phone chargers, aux cords, etc. In the North County area it's going to be difficult to make money :(
  4. A

    Uber Thinks I Am Worth 1/3 of a Local Cab Driver?

    I think not. With the recent reduction in fares Uber has shown it's true colors and revealed exactly how they place NO value on "Partners". I maintain my 2015 vehicle in top shape, inside and out, it is always showroom clean, (still has that new car smell, even after hauling 3 crack heads...
  5. JimS

    Broad Rate Cut Immiment

    Savannah market drivers have been receiving phone calls that the rates will be dropping by 35% today. I understand this has been going on all across the East Coast. If you have received such a notification, please post it here. That will make rates approximately (unconfirmed): UberX: Pickup...