rate increase

  1. U

    Rate Increase in LA

    What are your thoughts and comments about the rate increase?
  2. Toonces-the-cat

    Who has the stones to make a difference?

    When are drivers going to turn off their cars and say NO MORE? Are you happy breaking even while UBER banks billions?
  3. JPell

    Shore Rates Someone explain the logic to Uber/Lyft

    If the majority of the people who come down the shore from the west and north are happy to pay shore rates to get back home, and if the smart/profitable drivers west of the parkway find plenty of passengers who will pay basically 2x surge+ to get where they are going, why not a flat rate? It...
  4. ProDriver.me

    ATLANTA UBER BLACK & UBER SUV ? Make up to $2100 a week

    Hello Atlanta Chauffeurs, We are ProDriver and we are recruiting Chauffeurs / Independent Limousine Operators for lucrative contract jobs with major Limousine companies who need affiliates and luxury TNC’s app’s. On the spot Interviews being held in Atlanta May 8th - May 22nd We are only...
  5. tdoes

    New Uber Survey I Received today

    Any of you get and fill out the new survey sent from Uber today? I did! If enough of us respond then maybe it might make a difference. At least it won't hurt! (keep hope alive :))
  6. UberEricLong

    Uber Increases Rates! Have They Finally Hit Rock Bottom?

    I received this email from Uber today. They are increasing rates in my city. A couple of thoughts on this - First, the January rate cut was from $1.25 a mile to $0.80 which is a 36% cut and not 25% as stated in the email. XL was slashed by a whopping 50%. So, even with the $0.15 increase we...
  7. Newwber

    Not a newbie..... but I've got a question that makes me sound like one.......

    Ok..... just about every day, there is a thread started in some city about how tuber has raised (somewhat) the rates up a bit from the "winter slump rates". I don't want to debate the numbers/percentages....... I'm really just curious what my fellow North Carolina triangle uber friends think...
  8. MikesUber

    10% Rate Increase in Pittsburgh Effective Immediately

    https://uberpeople.net/threads/uber-announces-rate-increase-effective-march-31st-at-noon.69656/ Base Fare - $1.30 Per Minute - $0.15 Per Mile - $1.05 Booking Fee - $1.60 Minimum Fare - $6.00 Cancellation Fee - 5.00 Has anyone else seen rate increases this week?