rate decrease

  1. Meghann2185

    No surges + decreased rates??

    No surges showing on the map the past couple weeks...? I know there were surges because I was paid for a few last night when I looked at my fare details. They just aren’t on the map. They are also multiplier surges instead of the usual dollar amount we usually have. Anyone else in Wilmington...
  2. D

    Article from Reason.com

    New York City's Minimum Wage Law for Rideshare Drivers Might Actually Be Reducing Drivers' Pay New court documents suggest that the city's rideshare regulations have backfired in a big way Christian BritschgiMar. 14, 2019 1:25 pm MIKE SEGAR/REUTERS/NewscomNew York City's new minimum pay rules...
  3. TwoFiddyMile

    Milage Rate Decreasing, Time Rate Increasing.

    Breaking news: Boston, Pittsburgh and D.C. all just started threads saying Uber is decreasing their milage rate and increasing the rate for time. As your market releases this news, please post here. Add Miami to the list.
  4. VictorD

    Lyft's Turn To Stick It To Us...

    "More consistent earnings." We knew it was only a matter of time. I'm just wondering what that "Your rates in the Delaware subregion are also changing" actually means. The entire market is getting our rates banged? I can't wait 'til we start seeing the same endless "I hate this f*****...
  5. TooSadToWork

    Low Star Ratting Without Feedback

    so according to Uber's website, https://www.uber.com/c/180-days/improved-ratings-and-feedback/ all riders are now required to give reasons for low stars, but just today I receive a ratting less than five without explanation.
  6. Lost In Translation

    How to rate passengers who don't tip.

    I have adopted the TAG program. When pax ask how I like driving for Uber I answer "The wages are really low, but the tips are great." I have signs posted in my car saying. "Tips are great. Tips gratefully accepted by cash or credit card" (I ordered a free Square Reader to process credit card...
  7. Frank Slovenec

    San Francisco Rate Decrease

    Recent rate decrease in San Francisco: If you accept pools it will kill your revenue per ride after 1400 rides my per ride was $8, first 8 rides this morning averaged $3.38. Never has it been anywhere near that. In addition from San Francisco I received a ping from Oakland...not enough...