rate cuts

  1. T

    So what's their deal? When enough is enough...

    Been driving U/L since they first started. In the beginning there were promises of $30+ an hour during busy hours, up to $300 for every driver you refer, constant rewards for being a good driver and helping them grow etc... 6 years later I can tell you this, Lyft is by far the least worst, not...
  2. Travy90

    You guys will love this!

    So I wanted to look back at how my trips would be affected with the new pay cuts, and as far as I can tell, they replaced my earnings with the new rates! Isn't this illegal somehow? See the attachment for a Sunday trip in October, well before this week's S*** Show.
  3. W

    ***OFFICIAL*** rate cut protest thread (currently organizing)

    1. I would like to keep the posts in this thread to a minimum because further information will follow. I would also ask for no one to post any thing until I do another post. I don't want to cloud the organization of this. 2. I am also not trying to undermine other threads that are talking about...
  4. tripAces

    Uber driver busted on TV

    So I am sitting here watching Live PD. Columbia SC pulled over a Uber driver. Headlight out and fail to signal, I believe. They found baggies, scale, wad of cash. Yes appeared marijuana was in some of the baggies. The kicker is......guy had a pax. "When Uber cuts rates drivers got to make...
  5. MikesUber

    Uber cuts UberX rates by 30% in Greater Maine

    via Twitter:
  6. Charlie Schwartz

    Gas prices going up - time for uber to raise rates

    Dear Uber: Last year, nj drivers were delighted to see a small increase in their rates to correspond with the increased price of gas in nj, after the state decided to impose a sales tax on the gas, which increased gas prices by maybe 20 cents. According to news reports, the price of gas is...
  7. eyewall

    Rate cut coming? If so will you quit? If not what is your basement?

    The Rideshare Guy and Uber Man both seem to think another sweeping rate cut is coming January 2017. As we know, Burlington used to be solid and when I started in August 2015 it was $2 per mile. It was cut to $1.60 and then $1.18 thereafter in quick succession. Lately we have also been...
  8. RedoBeach

    Checking Pool Fares? ...You Should! Lumping Trips, No Coincidence

    After noticing a significant reduction in total fares after reaching thresholds for trips, I started to paying closer attention to individual fares. In short, Uber is not paying you for the time and miles for each passenger as they claim to be. The only way I was able to determine this is...
  9. noober

    Idaho Statesman article on rate cuts

  10. C

    $4 rides!

    Went out last night (Friday) and I had 5 straight $4-4.79 type rides. Some of these rides were 3+ miles during bar time with 25% plus prime time. Lyft is an absolute joke. Literally working for peanuts on top of I just got laid off from my job. Ughhhh I need a miracle. Rant over. Edit: looked...
  11. chi1cabby

    Uber taxi drivers in Manchester angry over 'sweatshop conditions' after fares cut

  12. chi1cabby

    A Driver Poll After Uber Declares NYC Rate Cuts A Rip Roaring Success!

    Uber’s fare cuts have won over the outer boroughs By Danielle Furfaro (@DanielleFurfaro): https://twitter.com/DanielleFurfaro?s=09 Uber ridership has soared in the outer boroughs since the company slashed its prices — with rides that start outside Manhattan now making up more than one-third of...
  13. maxista

    How I Fight Back Against Uber's Rate Cuts, Using Uber's Own System

    First a little intro: I've been a full time Lyft/Uber driver for 9 months in Phoenix Arizona. In that time, I've completed over 3300 rides, over 300 cancellations, and averaged anywhere from $15-$25 an hour each week. I've also gone through two rate cuts on Uber, as well as an incentive cut on...
  14. D

    Oh boy

    Got an email from uber saying get $600 if refer a driver who signs up through their vehicle financing by March. Um no thanks sorry I would not do that to a fellow human being thats just like giving a mortgage to someone who will never be able to make the payments in 3 years when rate changes...
  15. Lost In Translation

    Drivers: Say Goodbye to Surge Zones on the app? Maybe!

    I saw no surge here in San Francisco starting at 5 pm and continuing for 4 hours. I went home because I refuse to drive for the money losing base rate. It's now 10:15 and no sign of any surge anywhere. I think we might be seeing the end of surge zones displayed on the partner app.. This is...
  16. Nicholas Bailey

    Who if anyone is actually striking for Super Bowl Sunday?

    Who if anyone is actually striking for Super Bowl Sunday? I put in 8 hours on Monday came away with $40.00 and was on the other side of town from my house at 3:00 am. Before the rate cuts this would/should have been a $80-100 night. More so because of the Spurs game, which I have yet to see...
  17. us395

    SDSU no drivers

    Friday morning 830 and the nearest Uber driver is in Spring Valley. Good work!
  18. Nate R

    Organizing: Austin TNC drivers

    As many of you know by now, Uber has cut rates again in the Austin market. No doubt, Lyft will follow suit. Unless we, as drivers organize to fight for better rates, TNCs will continue this race to the bottom on the backs of their drivers. We are nothing but pawns to the TNCs and there are more...
  19. chi1cabby

    Uber Drivers Stage 'Honk-In' Protest Over Wages In Front Of Uber HQ

  20. chi1cabby

    Is Uber Trying To Kill Lyft With A Price War?