rate change

  1. A

    23 cents a mile

    When did the rate drop to 23 cents a mile? I currently drive Express Drive and not sure if it’s the same for everyone or just Express Drive?
  2. SurgeMasterMN

    ? Hey Lyft Thanks for the 28% Pay Cut! ?

    Start earning as soon as you tap Accept Your time is valuable. But right now, you only earn when there's a passenger in your car. On August 21, we're updating the way your pay is calculated so you can earn for more of the time you spend driving. LEARN MORE...
  3. Initial D

    Rise above the player haters (pax who rate drivers poorly for poor reasons)

    I feel like this relates to some us drivers when we unfairly received bad ratings for things out of our control, but we just brush the dust off our shoulders and life goes on.
  4. W

    ***OFFICIAL*** rate cut protest thread (currently organizing)

    1. I would like to keep the posts in this thread to a minimum because further information will follow. I would also ask for no one to post any thing until I do another post. I don't want to cloud the organization of this. 2. I am also not trying to undermine other threads that are talking about...
  5. RideshareSpectrum

    Rethinking Transportation

    This is for everyone that drives. Some may have seen this report and dismissed it, but from a position of knowledge and personal experience I can promise you that this is the blueprint for the future of transportation as we know it that has been adopted and is already being implemented...
  6. ObiJuanKenobi1X

    Uber finally raises rates in Sacramento!

    But we won't see a penny! It amazes me how they present this!
  7. TooSadToWork

    Low Star Ratting Without Feedback

    so according to Uber's website, https://www.uber.com/c/180-days/improved-ratings-and-feedback/ all riders are now required to give reasons for low stars, but just today I receive a ratting less than five without explanation.
  8. Spock B

    UBER X drivers should demand rate rise

    I have driven for Uber for over twelve months and during this time seen the following; Uber discontinues providing monthly 1099. Uber discontinues downloads of fare details. Uber raised their booking fee by almost double. Uber and the city get more for a minimum fare ride than a driver. Uber is...
  9. Midnite Rider

    Did anyone else get switched from 80/20 to 75/25?

    When Uber changed the way fares are displayed for the driver so they can claim that everything else charged to the rider is the "Uber Fee" under the NEW definition in the May 22nd Addendum - they now show only the net due to the driver after the Uber Fee is deducted. The problem is when I...
  10. Uberdriver_Orlando

    Strike boycott Uber X rates

    How long will Uber continue this nonsense! 65 cents a mile 11 cents a minute.! GET REAL. AND THE INSANE AMOUNT OF DRIVERS! And half or more of those drivers have no common sense, and still they recruit more everyday. When Tampa's rates became this low they boycotted and eventually uber...
  11. M

    Rate change Charleston SC

    I drive for both Lyft and Uber and recently received a message stating that on 23 January 2017 Lyft would be lowering it's per mile price to 85 cents. Am I the only one who is outraged about this change? We need to make a change. We are the ones doing all of the work and they are screwing us. We...