1. D

    This was a whole nother level of insane stupidity and incompetence from Uber Support. Colorado

    Brand new to the site but I have been driving Uber and Lyft for a year and a half in Denver. I get horrible service from Uber support every time I call but THIS IS ON ANOTHER LEVEL FOR ME :i'm mad: *RANT: I just got my driver's license and my yearly vehicle registration renewed at the same...
  2. Kawiz03

    Fake Coughing

    Any one get a FHP who starts to "cough" when they get in the car even if they where perfeclty fine just moments before. Its so freaking obvious when its forced and make me want to pull over and kick them out.
  3. BigRedDriver

    You ain't kidding we work for pennies!

    Like a dummy I took a ping with Long pickup fee "likely". Drove over 10 minutes to arrive at the location. Uber navigation took my down a street toward a Hotel that had that street entrance blocked off. OK, so I drive a few blocks more to come around to an open entrance. No big deal because I...
  4. Lissetti

    Racist Uber driver meets his match

    Video Link <iframe height="374" width="663" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" src="https://players.brightcove.net/4137224153001/ed38fae1-4db1-4308-8095-399a04010bc1_default/index.html?videoId=5987936538001&amp;playsinline=true"></iframe>...
  5. T

    Dropping Essex County Riders

    So what’s the deal with bratty milenials wanting to go into the city all the time? Why are they acting like grown ups when they’re still living with mom and dad or 3 other roommates? What’s up with pax throwing tantrums? Why no tips? What’s up with the streets in Newark, East Orange and...
  6. BurgerTiime

    Uber Driver Goes on Furious Rant W/ actress Tara Strong for being a democratic

    https://heavy.com/news/2018/11/watch-uber-driver-tara-strong-democrats/amp/ On Tuesday, actress Tara Strong posted a video of her Uber driver yelling furious and driving erratically after he found out that she and her friend were Democrats. In the video, the driver repeatedly tells the women...
  7. Mista T

    Frustrating Saturday night

    Saturday was filled with fewer than normal rides, and a good 50% of them were minis or close to minimum rides. Rather unprofitable evening. Picked up a woman who had just thrown up on herself. Mostly cleaned up. Held a napkin to her mouth, which I quickly replaced with a vomit bag. Made it very...
  8. T


    So yeah, did a Kabab run last night - got to the location to find the customer not only not answering the door, but not answering her phone or SMS either. So I did the right thing as required by Uber (multiple phone calls, knocking repeatedly on door, hitting the countdown timer and even...
  9. Mista T

    Lyft screwing pax (and itself) by denying mileage info on pings

    LONG rant I refuse to pick up anything beyond 1.5 miles away. That can vary depending on demand and location and time of day, but in general 1.5 miles is my limit (which is usually 3-7 minutes away). Does anyone else do this? Since mileage is the primary component of our pay, I consider it a...
  10. T

    Rating quickly dropping

    I've been hanging between 4.91 and 4.96 for about 1000 rides with Lyft. The last two or three weeks and about 60 to 75 rides I've dropped way down to 4.75. Something is shady. Nothing I've done has changed. I have never seriously cared about my rating. It dips and peaks and whatever. I can't...
  11. Showa50

    Eff Santa Barbara Airbus...

    These mofos are always around Sepulveda and Westchester parking and blocking line of sight for the exits of many of parking lots around north LAX. Why don't they go to LAX lot like everyone else?
  12. janewalch

    I’ll tip you in the app

    PLEASE stop saying this if you’re not going to tip. This is by biggest petpeave. Had a pax who was running late for a flight at 8am on a Thursday. Insane traffic. He was going to miss his fight. GPS said 1 hour and 11 minutes. Got him there in 49 minutes. He kept saying how much of a blessing it...
  13. thatridesharegirl

    Now I know why pax complain about us - X is better than SELECT.

    Y'all know. You've heard the spiel. Pax get in the car and ask you; "So are you from here?" Am I from here, as in Atherton? One of the richest places per capita in the world? (Median income*: $1,063,888 // Median home price: $3,475,000 ca.2014) If I could afford to live HERE in Atherton...
  14. HudsonDriver4Hire

    Pax with Pox

    Thank you to all you brainless, inconsiderate, disease-infested pax who sneeze and cough into the air in my car! Yo mama didn't raise you right!! I guess I didn't crack open the windows fast enough the other night when these 2 separate pax had sneezing and coughing fits without covering their...
  15. HudsonDriver4Hire

    Season of Giving? FUHGEDDABOUDIT!

    More like season of taking! I do my part, taking as much as I can too, on nearly every ride. These crooks still manage to get away with a couple slices of pie. Imagine I'd gone in through one of the tunnels and out one of the bridges like a good little subservient, brainless ant. How many...
  16. jroger86

    How Uber’s new “Long Pickup Fee” is costing drivers a lot more than passengers.

    I wrote the article below in hopes Uber would respond. I’d love your thoughts and especially experiences too. As of right now my giant SUV will only hold 5 people, even though there are 8 seatbelts. That is because today I decided to stop doing XL trips in my capable vehicle. The “180 Days of...
  17. WelcomeTree

    Uneducated Xpress Poolers

    Was near the end of pulling a 12 hour shift this morning, got a ping for an Xpress pool. Drove to the location and waited for the rider, after 1 minute gave him a quick ring. I told him where I was and he began yelling at me and asking why I didn't come to his address. I explained he ordered...
  18. A

    Uber's 1.1x boost fare in Austin tonight? Why even bother having a promotion.

    What the hell happened to all those sweet ass promotiona for Driver's Uber was offering after it's return to Austin? The promotions are dog shit now, 1.1x fare is you srs?
  19. Kawiz03

    Gotta Catch Em' All

    Legend says that getting all of the rider stickers is like collecting all seven Dragonball's and after getting the last sticker you get to goto Uber Greenlight and present them to the Uber Gods for one and only one wish to come true.
  20. waitin4selfdrvcars

    Saturday night long rant

    Why do we keep driving for Uber even when we know the math doesn't add up, even if we were driving cars owned by Uber, it'd still be not enough money. And the ungrateful paxs. I get on a cab the other night at 3am, I'm grateful because it was late and it kept me from walking like 2 miles. The...