raise fares

  1. N


    The best advice you will ever see on this forum. IF EVERYONE ON THIS FORUM STOPPED DRIVING, FARES WOULD INCREASE AND THEY WOULD DO SO IMMEDIATELY I would love to drive. But i have lost out huge on driving, after my last trip to dealership I can't bring myself to do it any more. Please, don't...
  2. Jbeck

    Uber strike. LOG OFF for a fair wage!! Official thread.

    Ok if no one will step up... I get the talk going. I wanted to start a new thread that actually is what it says. I think the flyer should say something like. We need to join forces and LOG OFF for a fair wage. Let's ban together on XXX date Something like that. Let's keep this thread free...
  3. LVegas

    Uber LV Team will be implementing changes base on driver's input.

    LV Uber Support will IMMEDIATELY implement rate change base on poll result, so pick wisely. Uber's percentage&fees remains the same.
  4. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Uber should raise minimum fare to $10 to get rid of the trash!

    I know the people would pay A minimum fare increase to $10 with little conplaints. Also raise the idle time to $.78 minute and automatic no show after 5 minutes closes the trip. Raise road rate to 1.48 per mile and add tip option..Uber would make tons of money drivers are happy and get rid of...
  5. DieselkW

    Any locals @Indy intend to strike next week?

    http://www.pitch.com/FastPitch/archives/2015/09/30/former-kc-uber-driver-organizing-national-strike-against-the-rideshare-company http://www.wtsp.com/story/travel/2015/10/02/former-uber-driver-trying-organize-nationwide-strike/73210160/ This week, Uber changed the cancellation fee from $5 to...