1. I

    Portland Lyft Promo code question

    In Portland they have a promo code that the Maine DOT and Lyft is doing I forgot the promo codes name but I remember hearing it on 99.9 the wolf at around 7 am on Monday or Tuesday I think the promo code started with Safe but I am not sure about the full promo code but it was like 10 dollars off...
  2. UberEastCoast

    Radio or Music in UberX Booming in Back Speakers

    I am a frequent UberX pax. When I get into an UberX and I am stressed about work, I do not want to tell the driver to turn the music down. I do not want to seem bossy. Sometimes the driver seems easy to ask. Sometimes they seem like stone idols who do not want to be bothered. What really...
  3. Kurt Halfyard

    Talking Electric Cars on The Greg Carrasco Show (AM640)

    The host of the Auto Talk Show on AM640 was kind enough to keep me on for 2 full segments to try to correct some of the misconceptions about electric cars. Don't know how easy it is to find in podcast form. Maybe someone was listening while driving around this morning, and caught me trying to...
  4. EmOinDallas

    Favorite music to play while driving?

    I have Slacker in my car and play Café Acoustic most of the time, but will surf around and usually land on Classic Soft Hits, Soft Hits, Amos Lee, Smooth Jazz, Lady Gaga radio or favorites radio (compilations of things I've favorited). I also occasionally play a couple personal Playlists that...
  5. Frank Underwood

    No Aux Cable!

    Ladies and gentlemen, we must take back control of our cars. I'm all for being polite but what's with these customers who are going somewhere 15 mins away asking for Aux cables? I personally don't like most of the current music being produced but I leave it on 103.5/z100. Hot 97 is by far the...
  6. AudiMan

    If one more pax gets in my car and asks for the AUX cord I will scream!

    What is it with these entitled pax? Almost every night one will ask for the AUX cord to which I reply that I don't have one. To which they nearly always reply with some shitty comment. They are never going to tip me not are they ever traveling more then 10 minutes away. Usually it's 18-22 year...
  7. theuberecho


    Anybody else here use Pandora while they drive? Any station suggestions? Anybody ever have the rider use the pandora feature?
  8. V

    Michael Berry 740 AM radio talking Uber eats now

    Just for your interest - on radio now
  9. swimmerbhs

    PAX yesterday

    Yesterday I picked up a pax 5.0, opened the door for her and even offered to put her bag in the trunk for her. She asked if I could make a stop before the destination and I agreed since it was on the way. Waited for her, short wait about 2 minutes and took her the rest of the way. After she...
  10. eman1122

    Ride Sharing Makes It to "Ryan's Roses" Did You Hear It?

    I usually listen to the radio on my way to my 9-5 in the OC. There's a segment they do called "Ryan's Roses" where a girlfriend or wife calls in to the station with concerns of their spouses possibly cheating and the radio station will call the husband or boyfriend to offer them free roses to...
  11. G

    Podcasts in between Pax

    So I just got into some new podcasts recently. I prefer this to the radio in between fares but switch to Top 40 once someone hops in. What do you listen to? So a pax suggested Limetown and I am hooked. It's only 2 episodes in and I cannot wait for the next episode. A tad creepy, like X-Files...