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  1. YouEvenLyftBruh

    Gay NYC Pax Call Police On "N-Word" Lyft Driver Who Refused To Play Music For Them

    (the headline was altered to be a more accurate representation of the story) Gay New Yorker Calls Police On "N-Word" Lyft Driver Who's "Racist Against Gay People" | Instinct http://instinctmagazine.com/post/gay-new-yorker-calls-police-n-word-lyft-driver-whos-racist-against-gay-people So...
  2. New2This

    Uber and Lyft drivers debate whether to work during Unite the Right rally

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dr-gridlock/wp/2018/08/10/uber-and-lyft-drivers-debate-whether-to-work-during-unite-the-right-rally/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.2e35875f223d Aug. 10, 2018: Uber and Lyft drivers debate whether to work during Unite the Right rally By Martine Powers As government...
  3. Frank Underwood

    Lyft: Incompetence, Racism, Sexism, criminality.

    Lyft might be the most incompetent entity to exist over the last 100 years. They are right up there with Sprint, Enron, Bill DeBlasio, Hertz Car Rental, NFL, US Senate, and United Airlines. They are a criminal cartel, right up there with Uber. All of these points apply to Uber. So you can...
  4. U

    Be Careful of false allegations

    As a Caucasian Uber driver with minority friends, I have noticed that Uber is more likely to take the side of the rider, regardless of how ridiculous the allegations are, or whether it's the first time an allegation is made, if the rider is a visible minority. It's unfortunate that Uber doesn't...
  5. kensteriraq

    SE DC and ratings

    Anytime I want hygiene Challenged passengers, endless chatter about social justice, requests for all sorts of extra stops, and most of all… a guaranteed lower driver rating every time you drive there...there's always a place to go! SE DC
  6. O

    Is it racism, bigotry, or assholism

    Millennials and their entitlement. When driving some of them, they expect everything to be handed to them. They expect aux cords, to bring alcohol, to bring 4-6 friends, to be treated like royalty. I've noticed this behavior comes primarily from one demographic of millennial Riders. Older...
  7. Uber Doobie

    3 things that really 'piss me off' . . . Racism . . . . . Arrogance . . . . Bullying

    Grandma taught me that these things were not acceptable & usually practiced by people who actually have very low self esteem but over compensate to appear important . What they really hate is when you treat them like they don't exist & continue on as normal. Thanks Gran I've discovered this...
  8. bts.uber2016

    Worst thing a Pax Ever said to an Uber Driver

    i have a few Jems that I'll rage about. But it is crazy the amt of racism and Classism that i see lately. bar none the second worst was a guy that said I need to make a stop at the quickcheck. upon arrival im parked right infront, I shut the car off and take my seatbelt off. Pax is staring...
  9. D Town

    Travis Says, "No Tipping Because Pax Are Racist"

    "As part of the settlement agreement, Uber is clarifying, but not rectifying tipping for drivers. While its competitor Lyft has tipping built in, Uber is arguing that adding tips would lead to bias from riders to drivers. In addition, it could incentivize drivers to "spend more time where tips...
  10. JCHeights

    First insane experience

    This was fun. Last night after picking someone up at Fountain View and Richmond I was taking them to the Walmart on Yale/I-10. For some reason I felt like someone was looking at me at the traffic light at that intersection. I look to my right and an old white guy, maybe 60-65 motioned for me...
  11. cleansafepolite


    Somebody very smart made a direct corelation between ubers rates and high densiy populace of people of colour in the cities with the worst fare rates. This is something we were not supposed to figure out. I will post the statistical data and reference links which are compeling to say the least...