racial profiling

  1. F

    Uber last defense , the race card.

    Uber all in or nothing. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/29/nyregion/uber-cap-civil-rights.html
  2. D Town

    "Gut Feelings"

    I was listening to a story from BBC Trending titled "Does Airbnb Have a Race Problem?" and something that was said at the end struck a cord with me. I posted the pertinent sections here. I see it so many times here. “Trust your gut, trust your gut.” It’s repeated like a mantra and treated...
  3. cleansafepolite


    Somebody very smart made a direct corelation between ubers rates and high densiy populace of people of colour in the cities with the worst fare rates. This is something we were not supposed to figure out. I will post the statistical data and reference links which are compeling to say the least...