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  1. S

    How to quit?

    Drove 3 rides and got peanuts in return for my time, wear and tear on the car and gas expense. What is the best way to quit? I already removed Uber partner app so that I don't get compelled again.
  2. crazytrain00

    This Is The End, Final Thoughts

    (Not that anyone was asking...) Yesterday was my final day with Uber. I fly out to Wisconsin on Monday to start an OTR trucking job. Uber filled a gap when I needed it to, so it's not all bad. I never had a truly awful pax experience, and I only had one pax pass out in my car, which took about...
  3. UberNOT4me

    I am happy to Announce, that I am quitting FUber

    Found a full time job. I am really happy. Starting tomorrow. I am glad I am out of Slavery. There is Hope People.
  4. drive&survive

    How many of you would abandon Uber/ for Juno?

    Just simple, ^^ answer it. Assuming u make same amount of money as most ridehailing apps So far in NY -2012 plus car - they have X/XL & Blk/SUVequivalent - 50% of the share goes to the drivers -You get rated, but dont rate PAX (however u have the ability to block a PAX, so u don't match again)...
  5. U

    Take a break, have a laugh

    Its only wednesday, take a break and share with us why we should or shouldnt keep going. Have you been shafted again? Is it worth doing any longer? Share your thoughts or tips.
  6. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Proof that riders are fed up with Uber!

    At 5pm the busiest time of the day.there were no cars available in passaic,paterson and surrounding times.. all, of NJ had very little riders out there today. rides are tired of all the BS and are not driving for .85 in NJ. lol Let the customers pay now. We want $1.95 miles .45 per minutes and...
  7. L

    After getting into an accident....it's over

    So on 2/29 at approximately 12:10am someone rear-ended me while I was transporting 3 Lyft passengers. Thankfully no one was hurt and the other driver's insurance is taking care of my damages. I should put my car in the shop within a few days then I'm off to SXSW to network and have a good time...
  8. Jem

    Whos still driving UberX?

    Whos still driving UberX at sf? Coz I quit a year ago. Any increase rate?
  9. D Town

    I Sense A HARD Learning Curve Ahead...

  10. U

    This is how they treat their 'Partners' price cuts is an insult.

    I did their guaranteed $35ph bull$#¡t and was $60 off from the 5 hours slot (10pm - 3am) and honestly I can't accept this disrespect from an employer. It's sad that they think we are so stupid that we would actually fall for their 'making more trips equals more money' it certainly makes uber...
  11. TheJudge

    Simple Solution to the Uber Madness

    The solution to the Uber Madness is Apps off! For those that can. Change will come from Uber through revenue decline. No drivers, No Revenue, No Uber....Simple
  12. just drive

    officially retired.

    I've been driving so little lately, had some inconvenient fare, then decided to email both companies and requested to be removed. It feels a little weird now knowing that i can't pickup a fare on my free time. My car no longer has to remain clean on the inside ☺ It was a fun gig.
  13. M

    The Real Reason Why Business is Slow!!

    Ok guys and girls I'm mixed up but this is what I came up with. We know what the deal is re those driver referral bonuses so next on the list is let's not forget New Years Eve when Ubers loyal customers awoke the next day to find that their usual $20 ride had turned into over a hundred dollar...
  14. M

    Uber is My Pimp and I'm It's Ho!!!

    The Uber Machine doesn't care anything about me although I sweat for it like a dog drive all hours here there everywhere. I threw away my pride and ego and signed away any rights that I could have by signing the new agreement. Then I use their new low how low can you go rates to give my cudomers...
  15. HHTJ

    REASONS why im pretty much done!

    2 main reasons: Summary: In order of importance 1. Drunk people (spontaneous, unpredictable) 2. App keeps crashing while enroute, or during route, or after drop off. (need to reboot phone constantly or i started using 2nd phone for gps) 3. Drugs or contraband in my own vehicle planted or...
  16. C

    Donate to Charity While You Drive (Help Me Innovate)

    So I have a crazy idea working on an idea for the first charitable ride share program allowing drivers to donate to the charity of their choice while they drive. The reason I am reaching out is to see if I could ask you a few questions that would help me immensely in testing if I have a viable...
  17. OrlUberOffDriver

    Have you received "Account at Risk" warning after Opting Out of Binding Arbitration?

    original post has been moved to: https://uberpeople.net/threads/have-you-received-account-at-risk-warning-after-opting-out-of-binding-arbitration.50253/
  18. W

    This holiday drive less

    Let's teach uber who has the power... Currently uber is having a high turnover in terms of people quiting... and thats why you are seeing their commercial on TV. The power is on you the driver... So force uber to raise the fare by driving less...
  19. Perth

    How do I quit officially?

    anyone know how do I quit myself as uber driver? Do I need to go down to office?? Is there any other alternative beside going down to office??
  20. W

    Mad at Uber? Quit.

    Constantly complaining about how Uber is not fair is futile. If you feel like Uber is taking advantage of you then quit. Most people love working for uber because of the freedom it grants. Its a trade off at the end of the day... Freedom at times means less earning.