1. Michael - Cleveland

    Hopkins Airport Queue: Estimated wait time added to Uber driver app

    Uber has added a new feature to the Hopkins Airport Queue: The app will now display an estimate of how long it will be until you can get a ride request. The new feature went into effect on Monday evening 3/21 and early reports are that is working - but reports wait times that are conservatively...
  2. Michael - Cleveland

    Cleveland Hopkins Airport (CLE) what I *think I've* learned

    I have avoided the airport ever since they implemented the geo-fenced TNC parking area in the Cell Phone Lot and set-up a FiFo (First-In, First-Out queue). I tried it that first week and sat in the lot watching the sunset... slowly... for ever. The system was clearly not working. But with the...
  3. brandoni79

    Ube removed queue timer at SFO, is anyone else experiencing this?

    Yeah, I can't seem to get the timer to pull up in the waiting area of SFO. Anyone else's dealing with this?
  4. Ferbeguis

    Wouldn't it be nice to know where in the queue we are at the IAH TNC Lot.

    I find the TNC Lot at IAH a bit frustrating and a waste of time in some cases. It would be GREAT if we could at least know where in the queue we are so that... 1) We know we ARE actually in the queue and there's not some error. 2) We know that we remain in the queue and not bumped off due to...
  5. PowerTrip

    UpDated Info New Tampa International Queue

    This is weird, just last night I got a ping at N Dale Mabry, around the Stadium In between Tampa Bay and MLK. When did this start, Did anyone get a notice, if so was it by text or email. Please share! I ask the Uber Gods and here is the form response. "Thanks for reaching out! Once you come...