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  1. Riders Champion

    Highest Airport Queue?

    What is the highest that you have seen?
  2. Mon


    Does anybody in Las Vegas knows why the time queue in the airport is not working any more? is it only me?
  3. RUSSREED2.0


    Tedgey We all go into a queue to wait our turn. However we do not receive our cue from Uber, since we are not actors. BUT WE COULD play with 'pool cue' if we wanted to. Moreover, if we lived in this que, we would be speaking Spanish to our Latin drivers. JUST A FEW helpful tips along this...
  4. Alan Fink

    Philly Airport queue

    Here is my message to support on Monday, November 14, 2016. "Ever since the last update, I cannot see the Phila Airport queue unless I am On Line. I live near the airport if the wait 10 minutes or less, I'll head there. If I am home and Off Line, I used to use the airport queue as a gauge to...
  5. d0n

    Cherry picking at the airport, how a queueing system created another problem

    Don't know where to post this but here I go: The biggest problem with airport rides is the randomness of trip lengths, the queuing system gave birth to this, people aren't happy to pick a 10 minute ride after queuing for 50 minutes, this leads to cherry picking your rides getting drivers...
  6. UberMrSkunkApe

    Airport queues???

    If you're waiting in an airport queue and a ping comes in from somewhere that is not from the airport and you don't accept it then will you lose your place in the queue? The reason I ask is because this happened to me today at John Wayne Airport. I waited for 30 minutes in the queue and in the...
  7. G

    Queue problem at National

    I have tried to get trips three times at National with a fail each time. Uber support has been nonexistent: Attempt 1 - First Queue loaded telling me I had 10-0 minutes. Since the lot was pretty full I knew this would be incorrect. I was then disconnected from the queue and, when reconnected...
  8. Lyft_94110

    Full lot at SFO last night

    I gave a ride to SFO last night and went to the TNC lot afterward. It was packed, and the Lyft app said the queue was 80+. (It doesn't go higher than 80.) Of course, I left, because waiting for a queue that large would take at least an hour. But what I wondered, as I pulled out of the lot and...
  9. suland

    ALERT - Uber drivers rig the queue system in FLL and MIA

    Ever had consistent pings from the same "rider" in the airport area? I bet you did, especially if on SUV platform. It appears, that those "fake" daily pings are from the drivers (with their rider's accounts) in the FLL area. If they call once and then cancel, you are not the first in the queue...
  10. Nenee

    Don't expect a queue if u don't drive UberX

    So it all finally makes sense!!! Every time I drop off people at the airport I've explored the area n have tried to no avail to get on queue. Well, the reason I never see the timer is because the queue timer is only for UberX. Anyone driving other platforms, I was told, would not see the...
  11. PapaDug

    Trash left at SMF

    Drivers at Sacramento Airport, how using the hikers motto of "Pack it in, Pack it out" for your leftover food, drink and general trash instead of throwing it alongside the road at the designated staging area for SMF pickup. I took this picture today and this is only part of it. I intend to...
  12. NatalieNatalie

    Harrisburg airport, no queue, no pings.

    Hi. I have been to Harrisburg airport 3 times with no success. Now once I had a pick up in Carlisle and dropped off the passenger in Baltimore airport. The second I dropped her off, a black cirlce queue popped up on uber partner app. I dont get that when I am at Harrisburg airport. I do as...
  13. JSM0713

    MIA - what's going on in the queue

    Logic tells me there's something fishy going on at the MIA Geozone on 22nd street just east of 37th Avenue. A group of guys are hanging out just off 37th Ave and 22nd street, I assume they're Uber drivers, just standing around chit chatting. I've observed numerous cars pulling up, stopping by...
  14. Mike.D

    Help with lax pickups!!

    Please help! I haven't received an LAX terminal request in months and I'm in the staging lot approx 7-10 times a week. I get in queue wait the time and only get request at surrounding area (hotels and etc) I haven't picked up at terminals for months now. I've done all the usual resets, bluetooth...
  15. 2Grlzdad

    Best FLL Airport Queue Spot?

    Just began Uberring, and noticed they have a restricted area around FLL Airport where pax requests won't register. Where is the most accessible place to wait for an airport fare near FLL?
  16. UbeRay

    Airport Pickups

    I have asked Uber in Perth to see if there is some system that can be organised where we can park in one of the nearest freight companies to form our own queue to pick up rides from the Qantas Domestic side and the International side. The Terminal 2 area does not appear to be a problem as you...
  17. Modern-Day-Slavery

    Sit in Queue or Go back empty?

    In your opinion, is it better to wait in queue at the airport after a drop off or cut your losses and drive back towards the city? Sometimes I wait over an hour and even then the trip can be very shot like taking a pilot from domestic to international, a less than $10 fare (yes it happens)...
  18. Douglas

    Getting bumped offline in queue

    The other day I was at LGA and in the queue, then my phone just switched to offline, this happened twice and I decided to leave the airport and head home, but before I did, I wrote uber an email. And of course got a response from some guy who told me how to download the app...so I wrote another...
  19. JSM0713

    MIA Problems - Asking for driver input

    For those drivers who regularly end up at MIA after dropping off a fare........ Generally, I hate going back to downtown or South Beach empty, so it's been my practice to go to a GeoZone, get into the Queue and pick up passengers coming in on flights. Incidentally, I ignore any other requests...
  20. tipster98122

    Screw the queue!

    It's time to Screw The Queue and bypass that lot. If there were no drivers wasting time in that staging lot, pax would get frustrated from waiting and revert back to the old way of dropping their pin outside of the airport and we could dash in and pick them up like before. Take off your...