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  1. UberXking

    Lot @ SFO full of damaged cars and many with expired registration.

    SFO lot is full of drivers that break the rules Nearly every car is in the lot for longer than the maximum (30 min) posted Many have fallen asleep having drivin from as far south as San Diego. This results in the lot often being filled to capacity forcing 100’s of drivers to circle the...
  2. Mammoth

    Uber vs Lyft airport queues

    Does anyone have a clue why Lyft ques are 3 times as long as Uber’s? I’m 33rd in Uber queue and 104th in Lyft’s in Dulles. It’s my usual observation not just here but in dca and bwi as well.
  3. S

    Airport Queue

    I decides to finally try the airport and see what comes out of it..had never even thought about it but the curiosity got the best out of me.. when you get checked into the queue (in this case Select only) obviously there are other cars camping out in select mode only...some or most are regulars...
  4. UberAnt39

    Caught in the airport queue.

    It’s harder than dogsht to get off. It finally let me go at 20th St, 11 miles from the airport.
  5. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    I made 2 drops at Newark airport this week and never got a ping?

    I used to get a ride every time i dropped off at the airport..but not the last 2 times..i left empty handed..suck it Uber
  6. suland

    Ultimate guide: how to trick the FIFO queue system (XL,LUX,SUV)

    This trick was here for years, but after late app update with the possibility to change the service without going offline made it much easier to use. 1. Get closer to the FIFO zone, but don’t get into it. 2. Turn on all 4 services (X,XL,LUX,SUV), or those that you have with X. 3. Go online...
  7. Mipha

    Will I still be in the front of the airport queue if I got a very short trip from the airport?

    The question sounds confusing... I admit. The case is I often spend a long time waiting in the Brisbane airport queue until I get orders. However, the order could be quite short... no worth waiting... But I can only see the destination after meeting the rider, you know... I've even got orders...
  8. Tahoe_Jonn

    What's the deal with airplane mode ????

    Came over to Miami international airport and entered the Uber lot . On my way to the bathroom I overheard mutilple people taking about airplane mode ???? That's this about ??
  9. suland

    FLL queue jumps after recent app changes

    Hi guys. After last week app change, we can finally see the LUX and XL queue position numbers. But what is going on with queue jumps? Came into there, registered as #20 on XL. After 2 hours it showed #5. Then within next hour it became #1. And then? #6 again! What is it? I can understand the...
  10. P

    Airport PickUps?

    I went and tried one airport pickup, but, the pax did not answer and also I was not sure the pickup location. Is it at the arrival passenger pickup section or the arrival commercial section?
  11. SurgeSurferSD

    SAN Short Rides

    I never wait in the airport pen but I figure this could be a plus for some of you. I just got a text about getting a preferred queue position after dropping off after a short ride. Happy hunting!
  12. Johnny Drives

    ALERT: Uber Queue Hijacking at DTW Airport! (Detroit, MI)

    Hello Everyone! Another Uber XL/Select Driver recently gave me the heads up on a new scam being done by certain unscrupulous UberX, XL, and Select Drivers at DTW Airport in an attempt to manipulate the Airport Pick-Up Queue to favor certain drivers over others. Apparently, this is how the...
  13. HiDuuken

    Refresh, refresh and repeat....

    Just got back to driving for Uber again and I notice now that you have to periodically refresh your screen in order to know what number you are in the que for airports. I click either "Earnings", "Ratings" or "Account" and then I press "Home" in order to update know where I am in line. I'm using...
  14. D

    What's the current size of the FIFO queue?

  15. Douglas

    EWR Queue

    So I drove through Newark Airport today on my way to Manhattan with the destination filter on...got a red bar on top of my screen telling me to leave the queue area. I sent a message to Uber asking about this and of course response was that there is no queue at Newark and I should...
  16. Dallas007

    DAL app on / app off strategy... signals needed :)

    Tired of driving up on Love Field with a queue of 7...turn off app...wait and monitor waiting for the 2.0x surge. ...then it slowly climbs 9,12, 15, 18 Aaargh! Maybe flashers are signal that my app is off...not saying to collude... just saying...
  17. Riders Champion

    Highest Airport Queue?

    What is the highest that you have seen?
  18. Mon


    Does anybody in Las Vegas knows why the time queue in the airport is not working any more? is it only me?
  19. RUSSREED2.0


    Tedgey We all go into a queue to wait our turn. However we do not receive our cue from Uber, since we are not actors. BUT WE COULD play with 'pool cue' if we wanted to. Moreover, if we lived in this que, we would be speaking Spanish to our Latin drivers. JUST A FEW helpful tips along this...
  20. Alan Fink

    Philly Airport queue

    Here is my message to support on Monday, November 14, 2016. "Ever since the last update, I cannot see the Phila Airport queue unless I am On Line. I live near the airport if the wait 10 minutes or less, I'll head there. If I am home and Off Line, I used to use the airport queue as a gauge to...