1. TaraVon

    Is the airport serious right now???

    How is there a $9 surge on Uber right now at Logan Airport but yet 145 cars in the queue?!? It just doesn’t make any sense at all! Not too mention that I just counted 5 out state plates in one row. Mostly NY plates but the cars don’t have any rental decals on them like most “GetAround” vehicles...
  2. ANThonyBoreDaneCook

    New Ant Lot Same As The Old Ant Lot

    Well that didn't take long now did it? I make it a point to call the police every time I drive by this disgusting dump during a rematch and report that "something might be on fire" or "It looks like there was an accident and two men are about to fight, send help" Seriously, the Q is full and you...
  3. R

    Iah Queue wait

    I used to be able to see how many cars were in queue in the app.. now when I click on the iah P it doesn’t tell me how many cars are in queue unless I drive to the lot.. does anyone else experience this issue? How can I fix it?
  4. Kurt Halfyard

    When There are More Drivers in Munroe (Hamilton) than Pearson

    Down is up, up is down! Cats and dogs living together! Mass Hysteria! This was last night.
  5. Lissetti


    This happened this morning in Seattle Washington. I know this section of roadway very well. I smell Airport Ant with this one: Washington State Patrol finds driver playing Pokemon Go on 8 phones at once Aug. 15, 2019 at 6:55 am Updated Aug. 15, 2019 at 11:06 am By Christine Clarridge...
  6. U

    Undetectable Non-Jailbroken/Rooted Location Spoofer SMH...

    Met him 2 days ago to purchase his device, and I gotta tell you guys, “It’s legit”. I have never seen anything like this before. I tried using jailbroken iPhone, and the Uber Driver app keeps detecting the jailbroken device. I tried using Samsung, and use the Fake GPS app, but it won’t hold the...
  7. CapeCrusader

    RSW 52 CARS, 75 IN QUEUE

    I know I am going to get blasted for this one, but how does that happen? Can you assign more than one phone to a car? I just don’t get it. The lot has Less cars today than yesterday and I was queued in at 35. Please help me understand. Thanks.
  8. johnydynamic

    Screwed at Oakland Airport AGAIN!

    Been waiting well over an hour in the queue at OAK. Went from being in the 50’s to the top 5 and sat there for a long while. Got 3 non-terminal requests and declined them. That’s not why I’m f’ing waiting in the f’ing queue; to drive some a-hole 5 blocks to his job at the 7-11. Then I got the...
  9. Halfmybrain

    Did I rip off a Gypsy Camper?

    Tuesday ~10 pm I brought a rider to Midway. I turned my app off and headed to the Pit to pee. About 30-40 cars in the gypsy camp. Was probably gonna set my DF toward home, since I had started at 4 pm (way early for me) and the City seemed slow. Ahhhh relief. On my way to my car, I turned the...
  10. Pax Collector

    Free food at the airport queue today.

  11. U

    Head to the Waiting LOT (correct answer) Very helpful information so read!

    You're immediately added to the Queue as soon as you pass the Mannheim N exit from the 190 if driving solo, i.e. no pax. You're made available or qualify to rematch if you're dropping off. Regardless, after ending the trip, you're in pit purgatory of sorts, whereby you qualify for the rematch so...
  12. Uber7654

    1.4x boost at lax from 11am to 3pm

    and the lot is full. All waiting for the life changing boost. In the meanwhile Lyft is nada boost and yet the queue is full for Lyft as well. Well Uber might as well give a 1.2x boost and the queue would still be full. Smh.
  13. Djhuber63

    Airport Rematch - Not yet in Melbourne, but soon?

    Have you heard about this feature? Apparently the deathstar can allocate airport pickups to you so long as it is less than 5 minutes from your drop off. In that case you jump straight to the front of AP queue. Result = Ants lined up at departure ramp for 5 minutes before moving off. Mr Wilson...
  14. Ccsteve

    I can’t get Uber Airport Queue.

    I don’t even have an option to see the queue. I have called Uber multiple times and they do not know why this is happening. My Lyft works just fine when going into the queue.
  15. D

    Anyone doing Port MIA?

    Used to hit port, generally pretty good rides, do me with DF set to FLL. But que used to be 20 or less regularly. Never took more than 20 min. Noticed lately queue is is getting closer to 80-90s. Is it still worth effort. I'm thinking not. Thanks for the input.
  16. BkS

    Overpacked queue

    Am I only one that noticed since TLC is no longer allowed to go point to point, instead of less cars in EWR, somehow the queue has grew by a lot. Other day I waited for 5 hours before a ping came and i was on all calls X and XL. Past week has been horrendous
  17. DarkyStar

    Holding bay upgrade

    I felt a bit bored at home this arvo so turned on the Uber app. Got a couple of pings from nearby highly rated paxes but kept saying No thanks. Other ants seem to be flooding the city and all nearby suburbs so i was not prepared to get out of my nest for $20 just to wait and get small jobs in...
  18. Pax Collector

    What the....

    Now who's stuck in this mess? Lol
  19. JFrancis

    What is that "second" queue near Midway Airport

    Probably someone can explain this. There is some sort of queue at Cicero Ave and 55th street. It is a little blue rectangle on the Lyft app map also. Yesterday I was traveling eastward on 55th through that intersection and was put into that queue, until it timed out. But that is a queue...
  20. mikewithebike

    Skip the queue after a short airport trip...

    I received this email today. I don't know why they sent this to me because when I drop off at the airport, I get the hell back to the shore: "Michael, have you ever waited at the airport only to get a trip that didn’t pay off? We know it can be frustrating, so we’re improving the airport...